Someone can give me some tips for a sheath

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  1. Lars

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    please help me by this sheath-making problem
    for my survival knife i need this sheath i have never made an real sheath

    i want an sheath

    i hope you help me

    P.s. can you count how often i used SHEATH?
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    Ask a local Rabbi for tips...that way you can make a sheath that with a few gentle strokes could fit a pocket knife or a machete :D
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    Lars first off how about a picture of the knife you need the sheath for?

    Some are easy, some are tricky, and some (curved blades) can be royal !#[email protected][email protected]#'s.

    Find nearest leather store, buy enough "Thick" leather in the color you want.

    Lay knife on the leather, trace around the blade carefully, make your cut 3/8's to 1/2 outside that line.
    Do this again for the other side.

    The "easy" way to join both sides is with rivets. Sewing both sides tends to look better.

    For my sword sheaths the leather is almost 1/4 of an inch thick. How thick depends on how big the blade is and how stiff you want the sheath.

    Best of luck.
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    Maybe a wax finish so it hardens ?

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    I can make you a kidex sheath if you want. Going to order some next week. But you need to send me the knife.
  7. Paper, sellotape and Velcro method:

    1) Take 5 sheets of A4 paper and cut them to the same length as the knife's blade (you should end up with five 29,7 X "length of blade" strips of paper).

    2) Fold the sheets of paper around the blade to make a "flat paper roll" around it, then stick said "flat paper roll" together with some sellotape before finally removing your knife from it (you should now have your "sheath").

    3) Make a ring out of a few strips of paper and sellotape it to your sheath, forming a belt-loop.

    4) Make a "tongue" roughly 2.5X the length of the knife's handle, out of a few strips of paper, and attach a "fluffy" strip of Velcro to one extremity of it.

    5) Sellotape the "tongue" (the extremity of it without the Velcro!) to your sheath, on the same side as the belt-loop, making sure the strip of "fluffy" Velcro faces towards the blade of your knife when folded over it's handle.

    6) Attach a strip of "hooked" Velcro to the sheath in such a manner that you can "stick" the "fluffy Velcro" on the "tongue" to it in order to hold your knife in place.

    7) Cover the exterior of your sheath in duct tape, making it look cool (and granting it a tiny bit of resistance to humidity.

    8) You now have a fully functional survival sheath!

    Sorry if my guide is unclear or confusing, it's 3 in the morning and i'm a little tired.