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    Hey guys,

    I deleted my old account about a year ago, because of my final years in highschool. But now I'm back and I want to share some old creations in this forum again (and also a new. ;) ).

    So now I start off with my first slingshot x-bow I've ever made.
    You can see pictures of it in the first 3 attachments. It is my third project in general and my skills weren't that good as you can see. It features the toothbrush arrow guiding system and a very simple but working trigger mechanism. It can handle a lot of power and it's still fun to shoot. I'm also proud of the paint job, because it is my very first with a pattern. :)

    Now let's go over to a slingshot I've made yesterday and it took only about an hour to build it, because it is a credit-card sized pocket shooter, what provides that you can drill all the grooves and also the small fork with simple wood drills. It's made from 8mm plywood.

    And as my last creation I post today I want to show you a little crosswbow, even if it is powered with a pvc-pice bow instead of rubber, because I found out that pvc-pipes are a very cool and easy to use material. I simply flattened the pvc-pipe with a heat gun and attached it with simple string to the plywood frame, so you can easily swith the bows. It also features a simple one part trigger mechanism. you can see pictures of it in the remaining attachments.

    It's very cool to be on this forum again. The community here is awesome. Thanks for your attention, guys and sorry for the bad quality of the pictures. Comments are appreciated. ;)

    ~Running Riot

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    nice stuff you got there
    btw welcome


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    cool creations!
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    Cool! And welcome back.

    I think the trigger on the first crossbow is really clever! That way you don't have to struggle with multiple layers or blabla etc. Very well done! :)
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    Thank you all, guys. ;)