Some 30 D with a twist

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  1. Saderath

    Saderath Senior Member

    Today i felt like shooting some 30 degree for a change, butterfly style of course! :D

    The thing is that in order for me to be comfortable and consistently accurate i twist the pouch

    but here is the thing....

    I twist it 90 degrees to the floor and not the frame, like if would shoot sideways without twisting

    I have never had a fork hit and i love the accuracy!

    Tell me what you think!
  2. Will

    Will Thread Hijacker

    This is a great idea, and to my mind, makes a lot of sense. I picked up my shooter and pulled it back in that fashion, and really liked it! Felt much more natural and ergonomic. I will experiment with this style soon and see if my accuracy improves. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Saderath

    Saderath Senior Member

    Happy i could help! Just don't forget to flip although it will come naturally to you in this style!
  4. Arturo Borquez

    Arturo Borquez Administrator

    Nice video and excellent shooting of course !! ... Just tried, as I twist 90° rotating 30° does an effective rotation of 60° bending the same and works fine for me also, did 4 consecutive hits to a new can ... I am intrigued, did you found some special advantage over sideways?

    and one more hit almost in the dark, wow !! seems to be accurate as well, Gamekeeper shoot this way but not butterfly, you are the first I have seen (or maybe Tobse does ? don't remember) doing this, I turned more to 45° and goes OK with the PFS, but 30° is better for comfortable flipping ... tomorrow I will do more testing ... looks promising ...


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  5. Great Video and great shots!

    The result at the cans are also great!

  6. von_z2

    von_z2 New Member

    That is exactly how I shoot my Hammerhead. I hold it at about 30 degrees and keep the pouch at right angles with the floor. That allows me to look right over the top of the upper fork tip to aim. I draw to full butterfly and "tweak" the pouch like dgui. It's deadly accurate and since I changed my style I haven't gotten a single fork hit. No flipping required. I love it!
  7. Courier

    Courier Senior Member

    Thank you for sharing this awesome shooting style. :)
    It is kind of can you improve your accuracy if you are already a deadly sniper? :D

    I tried it today and hit a playing card from about 11 meters.
    Soon I will make some more tests and will tell you the stay tuned. :D
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  8. Saderath

    Saderath Senior Member

    Thanks guys for your comments!

    The thing i love about this style is that is purely instinctive, feels very natural to he hand and body, faster shots and fun!! :D
    Accuracy is great for the main reason there is no way to aim this way so it is all in the mind!
  9. LW

    LW New Member

    That's funny, I also noticed the last day that I could improve my accuracy when I hold the fork rotated about 45 degrees ... (not every day, don’t know why :confused:)

    BTW, insolent good shooting, stop posting this each shot a strike videos :eek: :mad: :D