So I lost some IQ points....

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  1. Hunt's Tip of the Day kids: Do not mail empty bullet casings to a friend to be used as stun darts for a blowgun. That is all.
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    Did you get unpleasant visitors who have fancy flashing lights on their cars and funny hats?

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    Wow, I'd be curious to know what happened. I don't think spent casings are classified as either ammo or hazardous, so what were they complaining about? Of course, you are in California, so even talking about this is probably illegal :eek:
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    All hail the Patriot Act!


    -Wild Bill
  5. They ripped the package open and beat it up "inspecting" it. I need to repair a cracked handle, they confiscated the spent casings, and actually managed to bend one of the arms o_O
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    That's odd. It's legal to ship casings in and out of Cali through the mail as the scumbag known as Leland Yee failed to pass his B.S. law that would have made it illegal. I'd be filing a complaint. My father inlaw gets loose casings quite frequently.
  7. Oh trust me I am filing a complaint, doesn't stop me from needing to make repairs :(
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    Brass tubes are illegal?!
  9. Not illegal but when they saw them (which I don't know why they are scanning packages like that) they recognized them as bullets and decided to open the package up. No one would tell me why that was allowed but they gave me a bunch of broken stuff in a shredded box and confiscated the spent casings!
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    They did what?! Sure, "inspecting" the package with a baseball bat. That really sucks dude :( I hope that the damage done is repairable!

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    That sort of thing really bothers me, good luck with the complaint.
  12. By repair I mean replace, the arm is bent (aluminum tube over threaded rod) and will never be perfectly straight again I just don't have the tools. Thankfully I have spare tubing and threaded rod laying around so it's just a matter of mixing up some epoxy and making a few cuts. The only part I am actually pissed about is the handle, it was beautiful and now not so much :( I am going to go dig through my scraps and find the last piece of manzanita I have dried without cracks, thankfully I haven't started work on mine yet or it would be unusable (my shooter isn't going to be able to break down, handle would have been permanently attached), so at least there's that. I'll send you the threaded rod and the branch of manzanita (you'll probably do a better job than I did anyway lol) and finish the arm asap. I should everything finished in a day or two depending on my three year old but I won't be able to mail it until pay day. I'm sorry again my friend :(

    Hopefully I won't have this issue when I mail your blowpipe, with my luck they'll think I am sending you gun parts or something stupid and I'll have federal agents knocking on my door lol.
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    Very sorry to hear this happened.

    It is appalling what they did, and it's not right. We are pretty well screwed as far as privacy goes in this country.

    I read this thread this morning and just re-read the opening statement and i noticed something I had missed.

    Pardon me for jumping straight to my question now.

    Did you say the bullet cases were going to be used as blowgun stun darts?

    If so, do you just shoot them with the primer end leading?

    I was remembering how we used to shoot plastic thumbtacks about 40 yards and they would stick into wood. I never figured out how they flew straight that far with no spin. I imagined it was the shape that made it work.

    The spent bullet cartridge would be heavier on the primer end, so i can see how it can work.
  14. I use the spent casings as the tip of a dart to take advantage of the weight to make good stun darts. I will post a couple pictures of the ones I still have here in a bit. I have to finish doing some painting and find my spare handle for Onnod first though.

    EDIT: Here is a picture of the stun darts I make with spent casings for tips.

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    How I hate to hear such thing happening! A friend of mine had a collection of completely unusable prop swords. they confiscated (stole) all of them and he had to undergo treatment at mental hospital.... For nothing... because a neighbour was "worried"...
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    Wow Mike, that is absolutely F'D up... Make sure to take pictures of the ALL damages and try as hard as possible to burn the corrupt pigs as much as possible!!! I'd possibly consider a small claims court case just to make a good stink about it as long as it wouldn't put you out cash wise. It sounds like there was flagrant abuse of power involved and that NEEDS to be challenged or "WE THE PEOPLE" just lose more ground... This really burnt my ass even though it's not my issue, but the principles of it that got me...
  17. That sucks I am sorry to hear that. Thankfully I haven't had any issues over my blade collection. The laws here are a little more lax about blades than anything that shoots a projectile.

    I have too much of a temper for that, I threw around some choice insults and just left. It would cost too much for me to try to get any compensation for this. I'm only out the cost of a little epoxy, I at least managed to get them to refund my shipping cost so that's something I suppose.