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  1. WildBill

    WildBill The Silly Song Guy

    No one probably noticed, but I do not like smilies and have never use one in my 15 or so years posting on forums. For some folks it's a language tool and they use them to show or amplify specific intent- or even to try to deflect specific intent. After all, it's way easier to say what you really mean when you have a little cartoon or even animation to pantomime your meaning. But for me it's a philosophical issue. I do not use and will never use a smiley because I see it as a method for not communicating well in my native tongue. If I need a smiley to say what I really mean, then I'd better learn how to read and write English better.

    Obviously, this philosophy doesn't fit everyone, nor would everyone agree with this philosophy; such is the nature of philosophy. For those who love smilies, have at it with wild abandon. Show no regrets. But as for me and my house, we use no smilies. I say what I mean and my words mean exactly what I intend them to mean- no more and no less.

    -Wild Bill
  2. Withak

    Withak aka Whitehawk!

    For me, I typically use them in a forum like this because non-native English speakers may not be able to accurately detect tone - something like sarcasm, for example, may be obvious to a native speaker, but not necessarily to a non-native speaker. I find it helpful only to avoid misunderstandings, particularly when using sarcastic humor - something I do often :)

    I'm a fan of them in these settings, but never in more formal communication.

  3. Flipgun

    Flipgun Well-Known Member

    I will resist...
  4. artons

    artons New Member

    I totally agree with you, i've never used them in italian, but this is not my native language and they kinda help me
  5. slingashot

    slingashot Over 50's Member

    I must admit I had never used 'Smilies' until I joined the SC but each time you post or reply, they are just sitting there at the side, smiling at you, begging to be used ........ ooh.. the temptation to select one a this moment but I'm not going to out of respect to WildBill on this occasion !!
  6. VWscooby

    VWscooby Senior Member

    I dont like them in general however I use them a lot when posting online or texting. Just as Withak said it can be difficult to convey meaning when not communicating face to face. I have had far too many misunderstandings in the past that can be easily avoided by using a smilie :)

    You can say what you mean but someone, somewhere will always take it the wrong way. Its the internet after all!!
  7. AngelicScars

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    It's hard to read tone in text, plain and simple. Verbal, face to face conversation, not only involves words, but tone, facial/body cues to let us know what the person is trying to say. Text takes all of those cues away, so we use smilies and such in place of them. This is why I use them.
    I don't hold back what I feel I need to say.
  8. Ghosth

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    :confused:Wildbill, question for you sir.

    If I was at your house, and we were sitting discussing the meaning of life, slingshots, fine wine, etc.
    Would you, or would you not on occasion smile?

    My point being that we can not see each others faces, so smiley's were invented to fill the gap.

    Emotions in particular do not always come through typed text well. But smiley's express them quite well.

    While it is of course your choice, to use or not to use. I myself really would prefer that my ramblings be judged by their merit, not by wither or not I threw a smiley in there.

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  9. WildBill

    WildBill The Silly Song Guy

    As I said in my post, this is a matter of writing philosophy and many folks are not going to agree. I do not equate a smiley with a physical smile since I have hair, a nose and am not yellow. I realize that there are now smilies of all sorts of colors, shapes and animations but that's not my point. i just do not agree that smilies are an improvement on showing emotion through text. But if some folks like to use them the fact that they do does not bother me; it's just that I don't.

    -Wild Bill
  10. Ryan Wigglesworth

    Ryan Wigglesworth Senior Member

    communication is not mere words alone
  11. BeMahoney

    BeMahoney Builder of things

    I feel like I´m able to say (write) what I want to express.
    But it really helps to transport a non-verbal smile..
    And I mostly use :) and ;) (the others are not that important?)

    I think about using or not using brackets..

    And I use smilies here, but I never smile in real life!
    At our place, we go down to the basement to laugh!
    (once every year, on may 1st). This is no fun life!-

    Life´s a joke and death´s a laugh, it´s true, sooo
    always look on the..


    Greetings to all lovers of truth,

  12. kohlqez

    kohlqez Accident-Prone

    I used to feel the same, but I gave in to the peer pressure of my generation because I realized it's not really worth fighting
  13. WildBill

    WildBill The Silly Song Guy

    My generation doesn't really apply peer pressure in this regard.

    -Wild Bill
  14. Jeremy

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    I concur with Withak and Angelic. It can be difficult to correctly convey true meaning with the written word without the use of some form of visual aid, like a smiley or emoticon.