SlingshotChannel calendar and book?

Discussion in 'New project ideas' started by Technipion, Jan 1, 2018.

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    Hello World,
    this is not really a slingshot project idea, it is more of a slingshot channel project idea. Sorry if I'm in the wrong forum, I didn't find anything better.

    Because YouTube has somewhat suicidal tendencies, Jörg needed a lot of sponsors in the last year. I don't say that would be a bad thing, sponsorship can be great for everyone involved, but I'm concerned that at some point, the channel might not be financially feasible anymore. So I thought about last year, and Jörg has put out a cool slingshot device (or similar) in pretty much every month. That lead me to the following idea: Why not making a Slingshot Channel Calendar? I would buy one, especially if it supports the channel. A lot of people do this nowadays. All you need is 12 high-quality pictures of Jörg destroying something with a cool device. They are cheap to print, and they could support the channel.

    Also: Why has Jörg not put out a book yet? I'm pretty sure after 7+ years of slingshot experience, he must know a lot of details on how to construct shooters etc. If there was a book with some tips and tricks, I would buy it. Also some "recipes" for slingshots, slingbows, etc. would be cool. Maybe even some personal experiences with tapering, knots, and so on.

    I just wanted to hear, what do you guys think? Would you buy that stuff to support the channel (and/or just because it's cool)?