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    Hello, i have recently made a slingshot and have fitted it with thera band gold 2cm dual per side i have cut the bands to 25 cm, i am happy with this setup and get about 200 - 300 shots before the bands break. My draw length is 75 cm. I Have a few questions...

    1. what rubber and setup do you use

    2. what is the longest lasting slingshot rubber

    3. how many shots can you get with your setup

    4. what ammo do you shoot

    5. what do you use your slingshot for
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    HI, and welcome!
    please look alittle through the forum. there are many threads already existing about this.
    I think the most of us use theraband gold too. how wide u cut it etc, is all depending on the ammo weight and the draw weight u can and want to draw. the length should be about 1/5 of your draw length. Look for the Band calculater. There u you just type in what u want and it tells you how to cut your bands. There is a thread where is shown how to handle your bands for making them last as long as possible too.
    So take your time and read through the forum.
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    1. I use 109 office rubber or surgical tubing because it is easy to find and cheap but use thera band since you got it. I got 1 metre of thera band blue and I use it sparingly. As others said use the band calc.
    2. The longest lasting is most likely thera tube as tubes are generally longer lasting than flat bands but are less 'fast'.
    3. I have never had broken bands but it really depends on how thick and to the extent of power u use for the shots. Like If you are pulling to the rubbers full capacity it will break sooner.
    4. I shoot rocks and marbles as once again they are cheap and easy to find. I am like the kind of person who doesn't buy much lol. But I would use marbles or steel bearings.
    5. I target shoot, and just build them for the fun. Make sure to post some of your slingshots :).
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    If your band length is 25cm and your draw is 75cm I'm surprised that you are only getting 200 to 200 shots per bandset. Are you cutting them yourself with scissors?

    I mainly shoot with Theratube Black (or equivalent) for slingshots and Theratube Silver for slingbows. Both last a long time. I like large hexnuts and 16mm plus lead.
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    Welcome to the forum!
    I'll answer #5, just to be first:D

    Hunting scrap file cabinets! don't let their mild manners fool you...
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    #5 I used mine recently to punk my brother in law. He bought a balsawood toy airplane and attempted to fly it where I was slingshooting. I told him to leave me alone and he laughed at me so I say next time I shoot it down. He brings my nephew to watch him torment me, as he winds the propeller I mentally readied myself. He sends it across my line of sight at around 45deg going away, it climbs to twenty feet and slap! I send one white marble taking out both wings and the pilot, the shot of a lifetime. Now im my nephews hero and he shoots a natural intermediate pfs I made him.:D
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    Oh, btw Thomas welcome to the loonie bin!
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    Welcome! Glad you have joined us! Everything I was going to suggest has been pretty well handled by the folks above me, and I'm still laughing about sneaky file cabinets and anti-aircraft slingshots, so I'll leave this here and continue laughing:D:D!
    Enjoy the forum!
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    1. I use Kettler Latex Flexiband Purple most of the time because they are easier for me to buy and they are almost as good performing as TBG. I cut them 24x2x2, 1 band per side for butterfly. Same for the TBG but for 3/4 butterfly.

    2. Tubes last longer than flats.

    3. I get 500+ shots maybe 1000, i don' t really count them.

    4. I shoot marbles, 9.50 mm steel, 10 mm steel and 12 mm steel. I' ll never use rocks anymore, they tend to kill my forks or my fingazz.

    5. I use my slingshot for THIS.
    Just jokin' ;) I use them for cans shooting and other targets.
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    I hunt the wild elusive card board box... don't let their bland sedatary apperance fool you. They are a viscous predator. How do you think all those candy bars get In them.. the boxes eat them whole.
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    card board boxes are the cows of the everyday junk hunting world. milk jugs are stone cold killers, be very wary, they like throwing marbles back to you.