Slingshot made from garbage.

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  1. I decided to make a slingshot out of random crap I found lying around, I ended up with this ugly but surprisingly effective shooter.<br><br><br><img src="" border="0" alt=""><br><br><br>It's made from three pieces of wood cut from an old bed frame, 4 nails, 20 rubber bands, some duct tape and 4 pieces of string.<br><br>Unbelievably it's actually powerful enough to send a 20 euro-cent coin through a piece of (thin) plywood at 5 metres whilst being durable enough to have allowed me to shoot it 50+ times.<br><br>Update: it propelled a regular AA battery hard enough to smash the wooden board i was using as a target into two pieces <img src="" alt="Shocked" longdesc="5"><br>
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    Haha, apocolypse style baby

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    Making something out of nothing is always a great idea!
  4. Shot with it atleast 120 times so far and it still works fine, with exception of a few snapped bands and the fact that the left "arm" started to "wiggle" ever so slightly.<br><br>It can reliably hit (and penetrate) an empty red bull can at 10 metres with small hard clay pellets containing a metal bb for added weight.<br><br>I guess it will last me another hundred or so shots.
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    Cool, neat idea!
  6. Well my estimate was way off; it broke after a mere 200 or so shots.