Slingshot for throwlines to shoot across canyons?!

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    Hey guys!,

    this might be a bit of a special inquiry, but I hope you can help me out. I'll give the post some headlines, so it's easier to understand:

    Background (optional info):

    I am a slackliner (it's some sort of balance sport, similar to tight-rope walking in its logistics). And slackliners sometimes like to setup their slacklines very high above the ground. Usually across cliffs or canyons. One of the biggest problems that we encounter is getting our slackline across said canyons. The preferred method is using a throwline (a fishing line or something similar) attached to a weight and then throw that weight across the canyon. This is an easy, cheap and reliable method. However, as the slacklines get longer and longer, you simply cannot throw the weight far enough. Some people use fishing rods (limited range), bows (difficult to transport) or drones (really expensive) to get more distance, but in the end all methods have a lot of drawbacks. Therefore I thought we could use a slingshot (like arborists already do for installing ropes in trees).


    I am trying to figure out whether a slingshot can shoot a fishing line (attached to some sort of weight) over a horizontal distance of 50-100m with moderate accuracy.


    1. As light and compact as possible
      1. Has to be carried up a mountain with other equipment
    2. Easy to use
      1. Non-slingshot-enthusiasts should be able to shoot it
    3. Fairly inexpensive
      1. Solutions from the arborist-industry are very expensive

    So far, I thought about a design that would use your feet as anchor points (the bands attach to your shoes and you form the fork with your legs). Then you pull back with both hands, aim and release. The fishing line would be stored in a bucket or on a spool.

    However, I don't know if such a design is practical or if it could generate the necessary energy to throw a weight that far.


    To all of you, who have used (big) slingshots, do you think it is possible to throw fishing line over a distance of 100m or even more? Is my design idea dangerous? What sort of band would you recommend for a high-powered slingshot?

    Have you ever tried something similar or can you think of better ways to achieve this?
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    There are several big slingshots that are capable and fairly cheap to build in Jörgs arsenal of contraptions.
    But most of them are quite bulky or long but they would definitely work... so check out his archive of big and bigger launchers.

    But i was thinking about a different approach.
    A fellow forum member from Brazil uses darts with his slingshots and i came across some parachute rocket toys on youtube that you can sling away with a slingshot and then the parachute opens and the rocket lands safely.

    But if you dont use a parachute it will fly pretty far without much of an effort just like this toy rocket here
    <iframe src="" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" width="854" height="480"></iframe>
    I can imagine a bigger and heavier rocket with a spool of fishing line at the back and while it flies the fishing line unravels and hopefully lands on the other side with the rest of the roll. ready to be pulled across the canyon :).
    And if you dont want to pull it by hand, Jörg has some excellent Dartlaunchers in his arsenal as well :D

    And another idea... use the setup of a fishhunting slingshot/ Slingbow with a fishing spool attached to the frame and the end of the fishing line to the arrow... i dont know how far they can shoot, but i think it would work as well.
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