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    Ok where to begin......I am new to the forum....I have shot Bslingshots for awhile but only recently started taking it serously....and I inherently have loose i have really weak wrists and ankles....For that reason i have only been able to shoot braced slingshots......I tried pulling a non braced slingshot back the same I do with a braced one....almost sprained my wrist.. I love shooting slingshots i just don't like the fact that braced slingshots are bulky...I plan on making a board i was wondering if there was a design of slingshot that isn't as hard on the wrist? Maybe instead a big bulky wrist brace, A lanyard type wrist race? Like Paracord through the Handle, and slip my hand through it like a wrist brace to lessen the stress? What do you guys think?I am open to ideas.
    Thanks to all!
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    How about soft frames? A Leatherglove or rope sling and a 3cm spacer between thumb and forefinger, band connected on the palm-side should work fine in stickshot-manner. The spacer or end of the thick rope could be pliable.

    A short, well rounded stickshot could also hang on the wrist, gently holding the upper end between thumb and pointer.

    I think, stickshots are easy to shoot and underestimated. With long bands and heavy ammo they can flip back fast enough before the ammo reaches the upper end of the stick.

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    Try to build your own Slingshot, so you can make the handle as comfortable as possible for you. Even if it has no direct impact on the wrist, a secure grip helps me to pull strong bands.

    Search „the Hair Splittre“ on the Internet, (by FlippinOut Slingshots)
    It is a very good design to minimize forces on the wrist.

    Make the fork tips as short as possible (I would not recommend this for Beginners)

    A lanyard will not help you taking force from your wrist. It only secures the slingshot in your hand, and can (if you measure it right) take force from your fingers.
    I use lanyards to carry or to tie my slingshots on my backpack or anywhere else. I got only one slingshot, which I use with a lanyard while shooting, because sometimes the force of the moving bands hit the fork and the slingshot was beaten out of my hand.
    And being honest, strong bands or slingshots are fun, but I have more accuracy with lighter bands. And mostly I prefer accuracy.

    Wish you much fun and maybe you can show us what you have done, when it is ready.
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    Things I have seen for gaining leverage against the bands:
    low forks
    top brace(beavertail)
    index finger knob (on front of slingshot grip)
    grip narrow at top, wider in palm (palm swell)
    pinky hole
    wrist brace/lanyard
    decrease live play of bands ("starship"/extended forks or rollers, or looped band through frame) starships and Jeorg's V and Hi Tech Compass designs (The Limit? Hi Tech video)
    leash/foot rope (

    I am still very new to slingshooting, so I can't vouch for many of the above.The wrist brace on my wife's Crosman FireStorm and my Saunders Falcon 2 are both pretty ergonomic. You can get a slight leverage gain by twisting the lanyard until it's tight, but a wrist brace works better. In the real world accuracy and speed are better than power.