Slingshot ammo?

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  1. jnmbhj

    jnmbhj Slingshots FTW

    I have used quite a bit of different slingshot ammo :
    nuts (food)
    hex nuts
    rubber balls
    ping pong balls (don't try this)
    steel balls

    Whats the best ammo for :
    target shooting
    slingshot battles
    everyday slingshot

    Also if you have your own special ammo list them here also.
  2. FilthyRusty

    FilthyRusty New Member

    I really like 10mm glass shot (it feels really good in my woven cotton pouches) and 10mm lead shot for hunting (rabbit,grey squirell,wood pigeon) for the same reason the 10mm ammo is perfect for my pouches

    PEACE and thanks for listening

  3. FilthyRusty

    FilthyRusty New Member

    oh and large rubbers or erasers as they may be known across the sea are what i use for my son to practice with because they dont break bones but you still feel enough of a sting to correct your shooting style when you get hand hits

    PEACE and thanks for listening
  4. VWscooby

    VWscooby Senior Member

    Ive shot 9mm (5/16) steel for ages because my only experience with slingshots was the Barnett catapults I grew up with and thats what I thought you shot from them! Lately Ive started shooting 16mm marbles and have just bought a load of 5mm copper BBs for a BB shooter Im (slowly) building.
  5. Ghosth

    Ghosth Over the hill but still swinging!

    Personally I'm a big fan of .45 caliber (11 mm) lead balls. I make my own so they really don't cost me anything, they are quite durable, and worst case scenario, can be remelted and reformed.

    They hit HARD.

    Marbles are ok, but do tend to break, and I seemed to get a lot more RTS with them for some reason.

    I have been tempted to buy some steel but its hard to justify the expense at this point.
  6. jnmbhj

    jnmbhj Slingshots FTW

    Just now I shot a rubber ball at a concrete wall 10m away in my house and it just hit it and came right back at me at full force... hit me in the manly parts:( ouch

    I tried this again it flew back and forth 3 times before it hit the ground flying remember that was around 10 m away!
  7. kohlqez

    kohlqez Accident-Prone

    The tried this again part made me laugh.
    Other ammo types you could try are
    threaded rod and/or rebar (cut into manageable lengths)
    Gobstoppers, gumballs, whoppers, and other spherical candies

    Or you could try making bone crushers like mine. They're pretty easy albeit time consuming to make. They're worth it though.
    If you want to try some just get some threaded rod, just for example 5/16" get 2 5/16" hex nuts and a washer with a 5/16" hole ( diameter doesn't really matter but you probably don't want to go enormous. Put one of the nuts on the threaded rod followed by the washer then the other nut. Tighten these together as much as possible squeezing the washer between the nuts. You may want to use thread-lock or superglue to make sure they don't come undone. After that get something to cut the excess threaded rod with. I recommend an angle grinder or even a dremel, but a hacksaw will work if you don't have access to the others.
    Another variation (I haven't personally tried yet) of this for more velocity is to substitute the threaded rod with molten lead providing extra weight.
    These are surprisingly accurate provided you use a relatively small washer
  8. egmont

    egmont Slingshot General

    I mostly shoot .50 - 1/2" - 12,7mm lead balls that i cast myself. they are perfect for hunting and i use them for practice as well. I have been shooting 10mm lead but my experiense is that the 50. just hit harder. i just bought some 50. steel and they are nice, but its not the same, the lead have much more power.

    I have been shooting alot of clayballs, homemade. they are good for "plinking" and going around having fun, they desolve in the rain and they are cheap, and they shatter when you hit your target. i have heard about people hunting rabbits and pigeons with clayballs 22mm i think, they have alot of knockdown power bacause they dont pennetrate so the ball tranfers all its energy ti the annimal.

    marbles are ok ammo as well i just get nasty handslaps shooting them bacause of the marbles are lightweight and i normally shoot lead so i use heavy bands but they are cheep and can be good for practise.

    i started with rocks but if they fly to fast they tend to spin and fly very wieard.
  9. studer1972

    studer1972 scooter trash

    Stick to paintballs and marshmallows for slingshot battles. Stay away from public areas, make sure everybody wears goggles and use light bands.