Slingshot Ammo - Steel Balls, Lead Balls, Glass Balls (Australia Only)

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    <a href="" class="postlink" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"><img src="" border="0" alt=""></a><br><br>Hey guys,<br>All items include <strong>free postage </strong>Australia Wide<br><br>I currently <font color="black">have:</font><br><br>Lead balls, Steel Balls And Glass Balls<br><br>9.65mm <strong>Lead balls </strong>- packs of 30 for<strong> $7.00</strong>, packs of 50 for <strong>$13.00</strong>, packs of 100 for <strong>$16.99 </strong>and packs of 500 for <strong>$45.99</strong><br><br>11mm<strong> Lead balls</strong>.. 30 pack @ <strong>$9.00 </strong>| 100 pack @ <strong>$19.99 </strong>| 500 pack @ <strong>$56.99</strong><br><br>8mm <strong>Steel Balls </strong>- 100 pack @ <strong>$19.50 </strong>500 pack @ <strong>$70.00</strong><br><br><br>11mm <strong>Steel Balls </strong>- 50 pack @ <strong>$27.00</strong><br><br><strong>Glass Balls </strong>- 200 pack @ <strong>$17.50</strong><br><br><strong>I only deal through PayPal. Please contact me at [email protected] com</strong><br><br><strong>Thanks</strong>
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    Are these still available and what is the weight of them? Cheers

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    Lead balls .. touching lead is a health hazard

    I am a former user of lead pellets when I was a kid.

    However, after the lead-containing miniblinds class action (front page story, Wall Street Journal, circa 1996) came out, I've since learned that handling lead, in any form, requires Tri-Sodium-Phosphate (TSP) to remove the lead from my hands.

    One of the health departments in the US (state or county level, if I recall correctly) did a joint study with NASA on the miniblinds and its lead.

    The study showed that even invisible lead dust could reduce the IQ of a child by 8 points, or an estimated lifetime earnings REDUCTION of $200,000, in 1996(?) dollars.

    Lead also (in a Popular Mechanics article, circa 1995) says that it affects the mind, even leading to violent and/or criminal behavior.

    I recall that bismuth(?) is one of the possible alternatives to a heavy metal, like lead.

    Germany doesn't use heavy metals like yellow cadmium for street signs.

    Australia banned lead paint before 1950's.

    I use steel and glass marbles.

    The most compelling info was seeing the mentally-retarded child who ate old, leaded wallpaper, on national TV news.


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