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    I got inspired by the great Jorg Sprave to make a slingshot crossbow. My only goal with this crossbow was to hit a target from a distance of 15-20 meters. I started to watch all of his slingshot crossbow videos and made a mix between them and these are my results.

    All the tactical things can be easily taken of and the flashlight is an modified mackenzie flashlight. The scope is made from some old binoculars that i had laying around. I modified the binoculars by taking them apart and adding two strings inside to make the cross(as you can see in the picture underneath) the holder for the binoculars are simply made from 5mm plywood.

    I can also adjust this holder if i am going to shoot longer shots. The trigger mechanism is the well trusted Jorg Sprave one pice trigger mechanism.

    This trigger mechanism haven’t failed once so i know this is german quality . The hole thing is just over 80cm (32 feet) . (The «draw» force is 20-21 kg)

    The “draw” length is 39cm (about 16 feet) . Everything is screwed together accept some of the trigger mechanism. This ting can hit a target very hard from a distance of 20 meters.

    I did also make some homemade ammo (see the pic under)

    “This ting is fun to shoot and build, it took me about 1,5 hour to make it and i had a lot of fun building it (and hunting cats.) “

    IMG_4422.jpg IMG_4426.jpg IMG_4424.jpg IMG_4423.jpg IMG_4430.jpg IMG_4443.jpg IMG_4118.jpg IMG_4441.jpg IMG_4442.jpg IMG_1521315004.284095.jpg
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    Woooohhh, better be careful, lot of power there.
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    Idk....the whole construction seems rugged and not very trustworthy. As a prototype - ok, but be carefull

    Oh, and hunting animals is a "no-no" so spare us the details. We're more about building and target shooting here. ;-)
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    Don't shoot at the cats!!!!