Slap in the face.

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  1. Froshmasta

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    Some of you folk have seen my Redneck Connecting Rod Slingshot. Today I managed to break one side of my Thera-band black tube under stress and take a little whack across the face from it. Nothing injured except for my pride. :D

    I guess we know the slingshot is still the boss in this relationship...

    I think I have to re-work the fork area to smooth the tube mounting parts and then maybe do something different about anchoring the ends of the tube. Right now I'm using aluminum utility wire which I think is somewhat harsh-edged.

    I've got lots more research to do around here but I sure was having fun shooting my first slingshot so I'll be glad to re-work it or build another one and continue!

    So cautionary note for everything I guess: keep an eye on your band/tube mounting areas for stress and cracks.
  2. BeMahoney

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    Thanks for being concerned

    Hey frog,

    thank you for being concerned ´bout our health!

    (Did you wear Safety goggles?)- Jörg shocked me with

    that: "My eye is getting better but will never be as good as before again"

    (everybody) Take care! - may the force be WITH us!


  3. Froshmasta

    Froshmasta New Member

    I don't wear safety goggles specifically but I do have prescription glasses on at all times and they have proven quite tough over the years. When I'm doing grinding and welding type work I wear goggles/helmet though for sure.
  4. Ghosth

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    I don't think I'd use anything like wire for attaching bands.

    First, because if it ever did come off that wire would do a nasty to you.
    Second, because it is rigid, it seems more likely to me to cause a wear point.

    I'm no long term shooter but I think the smartest I've seen is wrapping the band with a thin sliver of band. I hate to chew up thera band for that, but its going to do the least amount of damage if it should ever come loose.

    Second choice would be something soft like Poly or similar twine. Low weight no sharp ends or edges.

    I'm new at this but I have zero desire to lose an eye or to brand or scar my face. Best to be safe.
  5. Brazilviking

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    What doesn't kill you make you stronger!
  6. Jeremy

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    That is true. My lower back is stronger now following a fusion surgery a year and a half ago. Two vertebra fused and two titanium rods later...
  7. Froshmasta

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    Yep, the whole premise was to see if I could build a slingshot out of things I had laying around my shop. Proof of concept was achieved. Now I'm going to work on improvements or evolution to another design or something. The wire was definitely not an ideal choice but it was what was close at hand at the time.

    If I didn't have to work for a living and be a family man I'd already have more built, these things are fun :)