Six Circles of....

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  1. America

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  2. Freedom

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  3. Liberty

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  4. Patriotism

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  5. Independence

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  6. The North (that's just for WildBill)

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  7. Other - Your Suggestion

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  1. Withak

    Withak aka Whitehawk!

    Before you answer the poll question above, please read:

    Wow, some amazing builds presented this week by some great builders! I've actually got one to add myself, I hope you enjoy it. Now prepare for another lengthy Withak post!

    Greetings from the great Pacific Northwest! Withak here to reveal my latest build. As some of you may recall, I made my first attempt at micarta recently using jean material for my entry into Dolo’s Second Hand Store contest. You may also recall that my first foray into micarta was less than stellar. The results were quite disappointing, at least to me, probably to others too :(.

    I swore I would try and make some micarta again. I wasn’t sure what project to make, but it occurred to me that Independence Day (4th of July) is approaching here in the US, so why not make my next attempt something that reflects the country I’m so proud to be a citizen of. I knew I didn’t want to attempt something too advanced, I just wanted to get some decent results, something I could work with and apply to a slingshot project. So, I went with the 3 colors of the American flag: red, white and blue.

    This time, I used Bondo for my epoxy resin. Wow, what a difference compared to the stuff I worked with in my jean micarta attempt. The Bondo was nice and viscous, making it easier to work with. It also had a decent enough pot time that I didn’t have to rush. I had a hard time getting the paper I actually wanted for the project – getting heavier paper in those colors was actually harder than I thought. In the end, I finally found some acceptable colors. Making the micarta wasn’t too difficult. I went over some tutorials I had previously reviewed and made certain I had everything I needed in place before I began.

    The first few sheets of paper were a little dicey as I learned how to handle them, then things started to go more smoothly. I just kept going until it was all done, clamped it up and let it set. After about 2 hours, I opened up the form and voila, a half-decent piece of patriotic micarta! Now, what to do with it?

    I’ve had Joerg’s “Six Circles” design on my to do list for a while now. I really like the design. I was originally going to build this for myself as a test project, but as it turned out, I had a friend I wanted to send this to, so it became a project with a goal for someone else. That always helps me get things done – if it’s just for me, I’m likely to just let it sit, unfinished for long periods of time. I decided I would attempt to attach the micarta as scales to the Six Circles handle and see how it turned out.
    So, I got a copy of the Six Circle template, cut it out of some Baltic Birch Multiplex, then cut out the ‘scales’ from the sheet of micarta. I roughed up the side of the micarta and the plywood and epoxyed them together. When I released the clamps, it was clear the scales were there to stay. Next I started shaping the handle on a drum sander attached to my drill press (a dedicated drum sander would be nice, but not planned in my immediate future). As I worked my way into the handle, I could see the layers in the micarta were going to turn out fairly decent. I finished shaping the handles then went to work cleaning up the forks. It was there I made a foolish mistake, one that led to a fortunate change of plans.

    I did a stupid thing and grabbed my rasp rather than my file as I went to round the edges of the inside of the fork. If you’ve ever tried this before, you know the rasp will grab those upper layers and just peel them away from the lower layers. It makes for some ugly damage. Left with a face on the forks that was no longer nice and clean, I decided to try and laminate something else over the damaged area. I didn’t have much to work with – some extra multiplex, a few small pieces of oak that were the wrong size and a few pieces of scrap cedar. The cedar was already nice and flat, and since I don’t have a belt/disc sander, it would be easier to work with an already flat piece. Back to the epoxy and clamps to attach the scraps to the front of the forks.

    Once the cedar was secured, I carefully started to work it with my file (not my rasp) and started to form the final shape. I left the tops of the forks clear just to make attaching the bands a bit easier. Some more filing and sanding and it was ready to finish. I decided to go with tung oil on this one since I like having the polyurethane mixed with the oil, which helps me get this done a bit quicker. Prior to applying the finish, it looked a bit bland, but once that oil hit the cedar and the micarta, it really made the colors pop.

    I wanted to add a little extra flourish, so I decided to try something I’ve seen done on some other projects (though I can’t recall if I’ve seen it done on slingshots?) – and that was to attach the base end of a pistol cartridge – one that I shot – onto the slingshot. In this case, it’s from a spent .357 magnum cartridge. Considering the patriotic nature of this slingshot, it just seemed appropriate.

    When all was said and done, I could spot numerous places where I could have done a better job. There are some cut marks I just couldn't quite make disappear. Some of the joints were not as tight as they could be. But, overall, I am very pleased with the final outcome. I think the cedar actually looks pretty nice against the colored scales.

    As for the poll question. I need to give this a name. I want to acknowledge Joerg’s “Six Circles” as part of the name, but also want to capture the nature of the red, white and blue symbolism. So, after talking with Mrs. Withak, we came up with a few names for consideration. I’m asking for your input on the name before I make my final decision. The final name will be “Six Circles of ……”

    Now, on to the pictures. I hope you enjoy this latest build, I certainly enjoyed making it!

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  2. LW

    LW New Member

    OK – this is a statement! The choice of colors, the magnum cartridge, and Jörgs powerful design.

    Everything looks as if it belongs together even if you rescued it with the cedar wood. Nice Result.

    The bar is getting higher and higher here.

    My vote goes to “the six Circles of Liberty” one of the most basic rights of humanity, such a pity that we are no longer free ...:(

    BTW: I like patriotism when it’s used in a peaceful way…;)


  3. GunGuy

    GunGuy Active Member

    Very nice this just gave me some inspiration for one of the projects I am working on, thanks.
  4. WildBill

    WildBill The Silly Song Guy

    Six Circles of Damn Yankees works, too.

    Very artistic touch, E. The multiplex, cedar cap, .357... all well thought and executed.

    -Wild Bill
  5. onnod

    onnod Im from Holland, isnt that weird?

    Beautiful! :D I like the shell you put in :)
  6. JoergS

    JoergS Administrator

    Wow! Now THAT's a pretty slingshot. I never knew my humble design could look so compelling.

    I like LW's "Six Circles of Liberty", but maybe "The Six Circles of The Free" would be better. Kind of reminds me of the last verse of the US American anthem.
  7. bigdh2000

    bigdh2000 Administrator

    Love it. The casing is great. Apparently we both have patriotism on the mind right now as I have something very similar in the works, colorwise that is - cannot say more at this time. Been studying micarta but haven't achieved the courage yet. You did a great job on this one. Bondo has several options, which did you use? Providing a link will be fine as well.

    I would lean toward the name "Spacious Skies" from the song, America the Beautiful. Our flag flies in spacious skies and below it are amber waves of grain (all colors contained in your build).
  8. kohlqez

    kohlqez Accident-Prone

    I definitely know how you feel about being more motivated in making stuff for others than for myself
    As for the name, I have a few suggestions
    The Patriot
    The Liberator
    The S.S. (sling shot) Americana
  9. rock slinger

    rock slinger I rarely shoot rocks!

    American magnum

    That would be sweet!
  10. Gniaffron

    Gniaffron Junior Member

    Wow E that is a beautiful slingshot!! I really like it! ( and reading your novel as well;) )
    I can't see the poll right now but I will give you my thought about it later.
  11. Exigent

    Exigent New Member

    That's awesome looking.

    I think independence would be my choice. It's wraps up everything we stand for hence why we have an "independence" day which commemorates liberty, freedom and patriotism. If it wasn't for that independence we wouldn't have what we do now.
  12. Will

    Will Thread Hijacker

    This is beautiful Withak!! :eek:
    I have tried to build the "Six Circles" about 5 times now, and each attempt has looked more like "3 circles, a saw gouge and two unnamed polygons." It is a design I love, and you simply nailed it!!
    That micarta is beautiful, and adds a ton of visual impact to this shooter. And that piece of cedar was a great choice; really brings the frame to a new height!
    And the shell casing...that is just undeniably cool.
    Great work all the way around, very impressive, and an awesome choice for this time of the year!

    And your photography...fantastic!
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  13. Jeb

    Jeb Baba Hunter

    This is exactly what I was going to say... so I'll change it to "wicked cool" just to be different. Really, REALLY, like the 357 magnum casing in the fork.

    As for the name, my first instinct was to go with "The North" but I'm not in on the joke... and, anyway, there's too much blue in it to be truly "north", eh? :D

    Went for "Freedom". I think "Six Circles of Freedom" has a nice ring to it. An it kind of reminds me of Norman Rockwell's Four Freedoms... what America is all about.


    Withak, this is truly great. I love to look at pretty slingshots, but even more so when they have meaning.
  14. Whittler

    Whittler New Member

    Awesome build! I chose Freedom, because in the end that's what we founded this Nation on. I have been working with Bondo fiberglass resin 2 on a few burlap micarta plates. I like the pot time on this product as well as the strength. Judging from your Micarta work it looks like it works well for paper Micarta as well. The shell casing made me laugh, I just put a spent .45 casing in the one I'm working on yesterday. Warped minds must think alike! ;)
  15. dolomite

    dolomite Banned

    E, after this one I don't want to hear any more self deprecating remarks, it's as study as the goddamn General Lee sitting on brand new Goodyear tires with a fresh wax job ready to deliver 'shine! You had me at .357 magnum, my very favorite caliber. My redneck ass thinks ''The 6 circles of the 2nd amendment'' would be stellar. Whomever gets this bad dog will be super stoked. I've always had a soft spot for Independence Day, my bday is the 2nd.
  16. Withak

    Withak aka Whitehawk!

    Thanks LW! Those are kind words from a great builder. I agree, liberty is such a fundamental human right - whether you're an American or from any other country. Without liberty, we are hardly able to be who we really are.

    Glad you like it! Thanks!

    I couldn't resist Bill. Maybe I'll do a Confederate version one of these days. I appreciate the kind words.

    Thank you Onnod!

    Thank you Joerg! I really like this design and can see myself doing it again. If we're going with an anthem them, I suppose we could also consider "The Six Circles of the Brave" too.... Hmmm, I'll have to think about that.

    Thanks Dan! That's a great suggestion for a name. The Bondo product I used is their Fiberglass Resin - I got a quart of it at Home Depot for about $12 and used about 8 oz total to make the project - I actually still have a piece of the micarta plate left over that I can use for another project. Here is a link to the Bondo resin I used:

    Thank you Kohlqez! Great name idea on the SS Americana. I may just hold that one for the next patriotic slingshot :)

    I like that idea Rock Slinger! I'm going to stick with the "Six Circles" theme on this one, but if no one else picks up on "American Magnum" down the road, I may just apply that to another one myself.

    Thanks Gniaffron! Glad you like it.

    Thanks Exigent! That's a well made point. If it weren't for the Declaration of Independence and the little skirmish that followed afterward, we (Americans) wouldn't have our rights spelled out in our Constitution today.

    Thank you Will! Although I've been spending more time looking at your latest beauty than my own. I'm glad you like it my friend.

    Thanks Jeb! This is really my first slingshot with a theme or message, so I wasn't sure how it would do. The shell casing was one I picked up after a recent shooting trip at a rock quarry. I happened to set the slingshot down next to the bag of brass, and got the inspiration.

    I guess they do Whittler! I know I'm not the first, nor will I be the last, to put a shell casing on a project. I'm a strong believer in both the first and second amendments (well, the whole Constitution, really), so finding things that symbolize that belief is fun to incorporate into a project. I'll be looking forward to seeing your project.

    I'm trying D! I just can't help it. It's in my nature to not think more of myself than I should. I will say I'm pretty pleased with this one even though I see about 5 things I'd fix if I could. I suppose I should have included a baseball, some hot dogs and some apple pie in those photos too ;) And you make a good point about the 2nd amendment for a name, considering how those rights are under fire (pun intended) in such an intense way right now. And that's pretty darn cool having a birthday that close to Independence Day - fireworks, barbecue, fun times.
  17. VWscooby

    VWscooby Senior Member

    Wow, the standard of work around here is just going up and up!

    This is a fantastic piece of work, both in idea and execution. Its got some really nice touches (the bullet casing is awesome) without being over the top, patriotic and classy...tough thing to do but here we are!

    None of us have as much freedom as we used to but I think Six Circles of Freedom has a nice ring to it :)

    Yup, this is one to be proud be proud of it! :)
  18. Withak

    Withak aka Whitehawk!

    Thanks Scooby! I appreciate the kind words. And I agree, freedom seems to be slipping away for many of us - all around the world. Often this is done under the guise of 'protecting' us. But that only reminds me of what Benjamin Franklin once wrote: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety" Liberty is a dangerous business - allowing people to be free - free to express themselves, free to defend themselves, comes with the likelihood that some, usually a small amount, of people will abuse that liberty. We seem to forget that it's a small price to pay to deal with the occasional wack job. I'll take liberty over control any day.

    Okay, that's it for my sermon on liberty. Go about your business :p
  19. Brazilviking

    Brazilviking Thread Hijacker

    Beautiful! Withak, that's really nice!!! Man....I just love it. Freedom!!!!!!
  20. Withak

    Withak aka Whitehawk!

    Thanks BV!

    Freedom!!!!! - kind of like this?