Shuriken/Circular saw crossbow idea

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  1. kccraft

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    So I've had an idea for a while, and I realized that nobody could pull it off the way Joerg could!

    The crossbow would fire either circular saw blades (large version) or shurikens with a hole drilled in the center.

    The basic idea is that the slot the projectile travels in would be right above a slot that captivates a shuttle that is connected to the rubber. The shuttle would have a pin/dowel coming out of the top that would sit in the hole in the center of the projectile.

    Along one side of the projectile's channel would be a row of stationary pins spaced such that the projectile acts like a sprocket against them and gets a nice spin as it moves forward.

    The front of the shuttle's track could cam downwards to pull the pin out of the hole in the center of the projectile and release it.

    Anyone think this is worth making?
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    I think Jörg already made a circ. saw launcher. Lemme look.

    THIS launcher. And [ame=""]THIS [/ame]"slingshot".
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  3. Cadman

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    I asked about a shuriken xbow with Joerg last year. He said that he couldn't do anything with that idea, because shurikens were not legal in Germany.