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I finally finished my catchbox. I started it in 2015 and it sat there ...unfinished for over a year...
mistreated as a painting rig or to store some stuff... but the urge to finish it was finally strong enough. :)

Its made from cheap pine-wood boards and pinewood bars.
It has a shooting window of ~40x60 cm
The "sails" outside the window are there,
because i don´t trust myself to hit this window everytime...
but they are detachable when i have grown more self confidence :D
The farthest shot i can take here is 13m... enough for the usual challanges;)
The only thing missing, is an attachment for targets.
I´ll plan to do that next weekend... hopefully do some steel shooting at last:)

Old t-shirts on a threaded steel bar as backstop plus some
foamrubbersheet on the backwall to make the impact more silent.
The bottom plate is tilted towards one corner so that all the
ammo runs into the mousehole and falls into the can underneath.


41 - 46 of 46 Posts