Shooting without thought

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  1. Moongalba

    Moongalba Moongalba

    I asked this on another site but would like your members opinion on the question which is :- Is there such a thing as "Instinctive Shooting"?

  2. Moin Moin,
    yes ...
    He Hurls .... then after his disclosures
    but practice practice practice ......
    I've seen him, he does 10-12 hours a day, nothing else .....


    Er Schleudert nach seinen angaben danach....
    aber Üben Üben Üben ......
    Ich habe ihn erlebt, das er 10-12 Std. am Tag nichts anderes macht .....


  3. onnod

    onnod Im from Holland, isnt that weird?

    there sure is! i do it quite a lot :)
  4. rock slinger

    rock slinger I rarely shoot rocks!

    Just go do it. Soon enough you will get the hang of it
  5. dolomite

    dolomite Banned

    you have me confused to what you're asking. Thread title is shooting without thought, then you ask about instinctive shooting. There is no such thing as doing anything without thought, picking up your toothbrush to clean your teeth requires thought. Instinctive shooting is real, I do it with my bow but rely on aimed fire with a slingshot. It's all about focusing on nothing but the center of the center of your target, nothing else, then draw and release in one motion.
  6. Ryan Wigglesworth

    Ryan Wigglesworth Senior Member

    this is my favorite way to shoot, i try walking while shooting to really distract my mind that extra bit more.
  7. Haze

    Haze New Member

    Interesting Ryan,

    I have found that a fast shot while walking toward a target has a greater chance of a hit....
  8. Arturo Borquez

    Arturo Borquez Administrator

    very fast shooters like dgui which loads and shoot in less than 1/2 seconds shoots by so called "instinct", maybe a controversial "word" to explain that is a complete automatic shoot without "thoughtful aiming", in both cases there is an explicit intention to hit the target but differs on how to do it ...
  9. MountainStorm

    MountainStorm Termite

    Sometimes "beginners luck" can be stretched out into a real "shoot from the hip" style but not without practicing. And even so some sort of consistent technique has to be employed. Someone who is completely new to a shooting sport may not know what to look for or how to aim but still manage to process the information and make a great intuitive decision and land a hit. Just speaking from first hand experience.

    (Thousands of repetitions later) I have learned to draw my .45 from the holster and shoot from the hip (usually) hitting a 6" steel about 10 meters distant without "aiming" in a conventional manner therefore I see no reason a catapult operator couldn't do the same thing. But it is more than instinct. I wanted to be able to do it...just to see if I could...and it took many months of dry practice and hundreds of rounds of ammunition in live fire practice to gain some measure of skill. Consistency allows the mind and body to conspire toward accuracy.
  10. Moongalba

    Moongalba Moongalba

    Well for a new member and his first question I certainly got the ball rolling didn't I? Dolomite , I am sorry if my question(s) were (was) somewhat confusing to you, but your answer gave proof that you were able to sort out what I meant. Of cause we cannot do anything without first thinking about it. However that thought can be so brief that one might think that it never existed. I am new to not only this site but to the other I belong to, I am also 83 years of age never having taken up a sling shot since the 1930's. Hopefully I shall live long enough to be so proficient that little thought will be required to hit what my not so steady hands, but thankfully my good eye sight aim at.
    If you have heard the old saying "The same difference" then you have my question.

    Been good reading your comment and to be able to respond.

  11. BeMahoney

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    Hey Moongalba!

    I would like to say "welcome aboard",
    Mr. President! (of age :) )- which I think should be ok,
    for Jörg surely is the "Boss" here ;)
    I need to tell you my deep respect for your frankness,
    open heart and mind an picking up that "slingy" again.

    Please never change that "Junior member"
    subtitle! ;)

    I hope you will be enjoying folks and their
    work around here! kind regards,