Shooting slingshots indoors?

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  1. jnmbhj

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    I have been shoot some slingshots indoors but managed to put 2 kinda deep holes in the dry wall due to the pouch slipping out of hand before I aimed. Also I am going to get cold snowy weather for another month so whats the best way to shoot indoors with out carrying a towel.

    How do you shoot indoors?

    Basic catch box designs?
  2. Jeremy

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    I use an action packer type box as a catch box. FlippinOut has a tutorial on their YouTube channel. I also shoot my BB shooter into cardboard boxes.

  3. ruthiexxxx

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    Living in town, in an upstairs apartment, shooting indoors is normally my only option. Fortunately the apartment is old and huge and the main corridor is over 10 metres long and wide.

    At the far end there are several boards of chipboard; in front of that there are three hanging blankets; in front of those is some heavy netting and in front of that I have my targets mounted on cardboard boxes that are stuffed with more cardboard boxes. When the boxes are shot to pieces I simply replace them whilst recovering the ammo
  4. Slagskimmer Mike

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    I like cutting reaaly thin long bands for full butterfly with safe light ammo.

    I like shooting pencil top erasers--40 for a dollar at a local dollartree store. Haven't had to apologize to my wife for anything broken yet.

    A sheet at the back entryway with a popbottle cap on a string for target. Maybe 8-9 paces, full length of kitchen+laundry room in my little house. I shoot through the doorway, and only by knocking stuff over will it break with this ammo.

    It also helped me build confidence before I started lobbing scarier ammo from such an extreme draw.
  5. Ghosth

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    Living in Fargo ND, this time of years indoors is my ONLY option for shooting.

    So I built a really good catchbox out of a garbage can.
    Also I don't go in for heavy duty bands/tubes.

    I have some Golds Gym Green flat that in a 2" wide strip is all the power I'll ever want.

    My favorite shooter has some green unknown tubing. Size and wall thickness don't match up with Theraband. But it shoots very well.

    I keep my distances short, and my catch box is back in a deep closet surrounded by hanging clothes. In effect, a giant catch box.

    6-8 meters is my usual distance. I get a stray now and then but normally by the time it hits something else its lost most of its power.

    A good catch box does make all the difference in the world.
  6. JimRhodo

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    Very very very very carefully. With bated breath and hammering heart. If you use a pile of towels drape one over the lot or a particularly accurate shot might fly between the towels and bump a perfectly neat round deep dent in the plaster.

    Give yourself a massive margin for error. Any fliers may have repercussions for the national newspapers.
  7. Lacumo

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    Damn drywall! Gets in the way every time! There are two important elements in indoor shooting---a good (+/- 30”x30”) catch box and the all-important concept of “no flyers allowed.” If you search catch boxes online as well as in the forums, you’ll find a variety of different plans. I made mine out of cardboard, duct tape and hanging T-shirts and hung it on the inside of my front door. I haven’t sent any flyers into the door or walls yet, but I do find indoor shooting to be an on-edge kind of experience.

    I do however like the idea above about shooting pencil eraser pieces. That’d make indoor shooting a SNAFU-proof, no-fault thing and take the pressure out of it. I’m definitely going to try that.
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  8. jackofalltrades

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    Hey this is my indoor catch box.
    It's real simple and consists of
    a plastic box ( mine is 14 x 17 inch)
    A towel or t shirt
    A dowel or rod
    And some string

    ImageUploadedBySlingshot Forum1392299056.604288.jpg ImageUploadedBySlingshot Forum1392298798.373401.jpg

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  9. Withak

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    Lots of good suggestions. Currently the only stuff I shoot indoors are steel BB's, heavy airsoft BB's or occasionally 1/4" steel. I make certain I have a good backdrop that is much larger than my target area to stop any fliers. I don't shoot anything bigger because I don't want to cause damage to my house that will cause my wife to do damage to me :)
  10. jackofalltrades

    jackofalltrades Banned

    I'm the same this box is only for 1/4 steel ha :)

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  11. jnmbhj

    jnmbhj Slingshots FTW

    I have been using rubber balls but sometimes if I miss it comes back at me with quite a bit of force but doesn't leave a dent in the dry wall surprisingly