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    When I shoot, I hold the fork quite low and draw to my right hip because I am scared to get hit in the face. Does anyone shoot like that? I shoot sideways too. I am still a beginner and got once hit on my lips with a band. Hurt a lot. Of course only with safety glasses.
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    I don't think I've heard of anyone shooting 'off the hip'. I would see the biggest problem doing that that you would have a hard time aligning for your aimpoint. Speaking as someone who is newer to slingshots, but more experienced with firearms, you really need to get a good sight picture to consistently hit your target. How was it you got hit in the face? Did a band let loose from the sling and hit you? Or did the band hit you after you released the pouch? I've been grazed by a pouch, but have yet to have a face hit.

    You might check out Mr. Arturo's videos on YouTube. He has a shooting style that might be more to your liking. He has posted his videos on this forum and he's quite the accomplished shooter. He recently posted a couple of his videos on this thread:

    Hopefully his information will help you. As someone who took a pretty hard hit to the hand recently, all I can say is get back on the horse and start riding again. An occasional hit may just be part of the sport. Glad to see you wear glasses - keep those eyes protected!

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    eyalter, i got my face striped too with tbg on a ripped band, stung like a bastard! It's the price we pay for the fun we have. Just always wear glasses and keep slinging.
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    That is actually a recognized form. Search TexShooter on the other forum. He addressees that.
    It is a Really Old School style.
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    That's correct.
    Check out this link.
    Scroll down until you find 'rubber slingshot'.
    You will see a picture of a shooter there.
    I think this is the style you're talking about.