Setting up, maintaining and enhancing the slingshot rifle.

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    The main post is here:

    Here are the contents of the post:
    1) Scopes.
    2) Scope rings.
    3) Shims.
    4) Flat band upgrade forks.
    5a) Leveling the rifle and the forks.
    5b) Installing the scope.
    6) Measuring and cutting equipment of the flat band latex.
    7) Band dimensions, the paper template and the latex used.
    8) Pouches, Pouch dies and the pouch material used.
    9) Laminating the pouch material.
    10) Band tying material and the tie in method of the pouch.
    11) Graphite and PTFE dry lube (Teflon).
    12) Ammunition.
    13) Sighting in the rifle and proper trigger technique.
    14) Hawke Chair gun pro and Ballistics coefficients.
    15) Further enhancements and recommendations.

    Thankyou to for allowing me to post this link.

    Happy, Safe and Responsible shooting to all who enjoyed reading this.
    Salutations Konrad.
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    Three shot group at 17 yards. G100 grade 8mm steel balls.