Semi/Full auto slingshot submachinegun

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    I just about finished the rough put together part of this project and did a test run. I got the Idea from a W frame compound slingshot Joerg made, his bull pup and some bubberband guns I was looking at. It can be used with 2 or 4 bands= 2 or 4 shots. The part that holds the pouch is like on the bullpup slingshot but it is polished steel, so you can stack up the pouches one on another and they slide off easily when pushed and can add more noches. to Load, Two bands in the front noch and two in the back. As the trigger is pulled a steel lined ramp pushes a bolt which pushes off the pouches in succession. So small amount of trigger pull is one shot, and pulling the trigger all the way is all 4 shots (which I timed at 4 shots in 30mili seconds) just depends on how fast you pull the trigger back. And it does have roller bearings. Once I get it all tuned correct I'll powder coat it back and put a folding stock. Side note. what I fired so far were some steel balls and smooth stones. Snapshot_20130511.JPG


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    cool idea, but rollers mounted that way don't work to well, at least that is what i picked up in another topic, so i might be wrong

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    Nice concept, but I agree with onnod, this way to mount rollers usually creates very erratic shots. I know it is tempting a it makes the weapon far more "slender", but my experiences with such setups have been scary.

    What about accuracy? It seems to me that the shots won't hit the same spot.
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    Today I noticed that with the rollers there were problems. The more I test it, I find the shots are Not all going in the same direction or shooting straight up. Oh well, at least the frame works good for a single shot and I learned something new. Thanks y'all for the advice.:)