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  1. rock slinger

    rock slinger I rarely shoot rocks!

    rocks can be unpredictable Right?
    I want to make a sling shot to shoot only rocks.
    So what size forks should I use?
    also what about bands? I use tbg so how should I cut them.
  2. Moiin moin,

    Nice ...
    So much you do not you still employed with the theme, right?

    Why I ask?

    What are the important values​​?
    Do you write, how hard are the stones? Could this be important or it does not matter what weight you want to speed up?

    Fork, over the top, or the side?

    Draw length? To the nose, to the ear, or butterfly? How long are your arms?

    What sizes are the stones?

    But if you want an answer to:
    Forks 6 cm wide.
    TBG bound 28cm, and 30 to 20mm.

    So viel hast du dich mit dem Thema noch nicht beschäftigt, oder?

    Warum Frage ich?

    Was sind den wichtige Werte?
    Schreibst du, wie schwer die Steine sind? Könnte das wichtig sein, oder spielt es keine Rolle, welche Masse man beschleunigen möchte?

    Gabel, over the Top, oder Seitlich?

    Auszugslänge? Bis zur Nase, bis zum Ohr, oder Schmetterling? Wie lang sind deine Arme?

    Welche grössen haben die Steine?

    Aber wenn du eine Antwort möchtest:
    Gabeln 6cm Weit.
    TBG 28cm gebunden, und 30 auf 20mm.

  3. EnesK

    EnesK Call me the boss

    don't make your fork too low at least
    one time i shot a stone from my very low fork sling unfortunately a fork hit just above my hand:D

  4. Otees

    Otees Another Member

    Enesk is right, low forks don't work as well with rocks, ( they are all that i use) but just flip the wrist and you should be allright
  5. rock slinger

    rock slinger I rarely shoot rocks!

    80 cm draw to the nose
    bands over the top
    stones 15 or so mm