Rk knives robbed me

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    On the 19th dec 2011,Rk knives got my £25 for a natural hybrid, and I havn't had it yet! They also got 2 of my catties, and £40 for an order, that I was paying for in bits (I'M That poor). They did send 3 catties that I ordered, I was after an Apollo18 from EHS and Rk said they'd do it, and they did. They also did me a lovely Mantis and a pocket predator like side shooter, and did repair one of my catties free of charge. They got 2 other catties, one of which is an irreplaceable natural.
    I had a stroke and lost contact with all the things I was doing but that's no excuse not to give me what I actually paid for!
    Lukily I took screen shots of acknowledgements of my payments and postage receipts. I have asked politely and now have gone to the Trading standards bods, and am meeting the police with them next monday. I'll be doing them for theft as I've tried to get in contact using their website and they just ignore me.
    Stay away from this appalling business, - his willingness to steal others designs should have told me he wasn't to be trusted, I didn't know then that you could rip off designs. I now know better. I've had £65 and 2 catapults stolen by Rk knives! Don't trust them!
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    My pops gave me some good advice when I was a young boy. First was 'if it seems too good to be true, it is'
    Second was 'let the buyer beware'. Thats why all my online purchases are on a visa card, fraud protection.