Ring Bow?

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  1. I know a couple members have done ring shooters back in the day, has anyone done a ring slingbow? Just curious if this has been done yet, going to try to make one soon.
  2. onnod

    onnod Im from Holland, isnt that weird?

    i've never thought of that, let alone done that, but i really like this idea! i might just like it as much as my much used beer-opener ring! please post your attempt!

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  3. I meant a finger ring slingbow like this. Sorry my drawing skills aren't the best and I used paint on a touchpad to draw this lol.

  4. nijam

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    now I understand but I don't think this is a good idea because of the amount of force you need for properly shoot arrows
  5. nijam

    nijam tiro loco

    this is my candybar minislingbow is good but the small size is not very comfortable

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  6. I'll have to show it to you when I get it finished, I think that when it's all done (it will have a support that screws in) it might surprise people how much weight I can tack on. I am hopeful anyway lol.
  7. rinion

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    40-50lbs of pull on a single finger sounds like a great way to break a finger.
    Maybe a brass knuckles style one...providing its high enough to not hit your own hand

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  8. There is going to be a support that screws into the ring, but even without it I'd probably be ok, I can draw my 75 pound bow with my ring finger so I probably won't break anything. I should have this finished by tuesday or so, found a friend to weld it up for me, so I'll hopefully have pictures and maybe some vids of me shooting it up by then.
  9. Flipgun

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    It should work as I have seen someone shoot an arrow off of their knuckles with a bareback rig. Doing something with the bristles from a cheap paint brush for a rest might not be a bad idea.
  10. That was my thought too, it should certainly work. As for the toothbrush I am going to see how it functions without one first, I don't think I could claim it was a ring or necklace with much success if I epoxied a toothbrush onto it lol.