Repeating Slingbow

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  1. I found a link online to a pdf document that shows the construction of several crossbows, slings, boomerangs, all that jazz which I will post in a few days (once posting links is allowed, i'm new). One of the crossbows is a "Repeating bullet shooting" type and with the bow switched for some elastic bands would make an awesome repeating slingbow, it even has a mag for ammo so I hope you guys like it and I will post it ASAP.
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    <div>Looking forward to see the blueprints! <br><br>Im planning to build a slingshot pistol, too.<br>With a different loading mechanism! <img src="" alt="Very Happy" longdesc="1"><img src="" alt="Idea" longdesc="18">
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    <br>If the slingshot is too strong, you're too weak! <img src="" alt="Very Happy" longdesc="1">

  3. Nice, I always like seeing new things.
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    Hope to see those pdf' s soon.
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    You don't mean the Popular Mechanics Wooden Crossbow Plans, do you?<br><br>
  6. No, not the popular mechanics plans.<br><br><br>Google "Crossbows and other weapons" it was the third thing down on the list at last check. Hopefully one of you can find it before my lockout period is over and get it posted, if not I will post it when I am able.