Rambone: Man vs Machine!

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    In the ongoing struggle of “man vs machine”, there have been many milestones. Garry Kasparov vs Deep Blue, Sara Connors vs the T-1000, George Jestson vs “this crazy thing”, etc… But today another epic battle has been fought: Man vs Makerbot!

    The low-down: Since Jorg has released the Rambone for free on the web and has provided both 3d printable and woodworking plans for it. Challenge, ACCEPTED!

    I’ll spare you the play-by-play, but in the end, I was able to complete the wooden design, including finish, while the Makerbot’s print was still at 82%. (That doesn’t include the clean-up it will need to be useable.)


    Therefore, lesson learned, if it all came down to a Dennis the Menace battle for world domination, we would indeed emerge victorious our robotic nemeses! (Comforting to know. You may now sleep easy this night!)
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    Nice! You should make a video about this, I'll give it a "like".

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    Oh! I wish i had a 3D printer! Free BB's!