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Discussion in 'General Slingshot Discussions' started by JoergS, Dec 7, 2013.

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  1. JoergS

    JoergS Administrator

    After the serious user report today regarding a snapped off fork arm, I have decided that the Rambone shipping will have to be stopped and the products that have shipped already need to be re-inspected in the factory.

    I know that it might just have been this one slingshot and yes, I have tested the heck out of a great many samples, but we can not ignore such a report.

    Here is the text that will later today go out to all Rambone owners and also be put onto the website.


    Dear Rambone owner,

    we are contacting you because we have just learned about a potential QC/Manufacturing issue regarding the Rambone product.

    One of our users has reported that a fork arm broke off while he drew out the slingshot. This should, of course, not happen ever. We have thoroughly tested the construction and made sure that it withstands many times the draw force even the strongest band sets can generate. The product is "Made in Germany" from the best material there is. We are very alarmed by this user report even though nothing is confirmed at this point.

    Naturally, we want to investigate the issue as soon as possible as it may be a production failure, affecting the individual product the customer received. Further, this may not be the only product with such a failure. Therefore, we are calling back each and every Rambone fork that has been supplied to the factory. The product will be re-inspected and possibly be exchanged. Please contact your supplier for shipping details. This will of course be free of costs for you.

    Until then, under no circumstance should you attempt to utilize, shoot, or fire your Rambone slingshot. Please do not take this warning lightly, such accidents can be very dangerous, even fatal.

    We are truly sorry for any inconvenience and hope that you understand our reasoning. We WILL make this right and thank you for your kind understanding and patience as we work to provide you the safest and best quality slingshots in the world.

    The Slingshot Channel Store
  2. SimpleShot

    SimpleShot Everything Slingshots!

    Team Simple Shot will be sending out an email to all buyer's who have purchased the Rambone from Simple Shot in the next few minutes. We will provide buyer's who have yet to receive their Rambone options going forward and instructions to those who have already received a Rambone on how to ship it back to us (at no cost to you). We understand how inconvenient this is for you and WE WILL MAKE IT RIGHT!!

    Thank you for your trust and patience as we work to better serve you.

    Nathan Masters
    Simple Shot Shooting Sports

  3. Withak

    Withak aka Whitehawk!

    Thank you to both Joerg and Nathan for such a quick and proactive response! That's the kind of service that separates the average from the outstanding. I just ordered a Rambone from Nathan yesterday. I'd rather wait and see how things turn out before getting it shipped. It's worth waiting to be safe. I do hope this is a unique failure and is not present in the rest of the production runs - I'd hate to see that happen. My best wishes on a quick resolution and many thanks for making the safety of your customers #1. Highest marks to you both.
  4. VWscooby

    VWscooby Senior Member

    The first report of a breakage was posted on the forum at 15.08. By 17.22 there is a full factory recall. That shows excellent levels of decision making and customer care.

    The best of luck to both SSC Store and Simple Shot is sorting out what is a difficult situation.
  5. EyAlter

    EyAlter New Member

    Good decision.
  6. SimpleShot

    SimpleShot Everything Slingshots!

    Guys, thanks for your understanding! You are our lifeblood and any lesser level of service is unthinkable.
  7. NyamNyam

    NyamNyam Member


    my two slingshots are still in the post office. I won't accept the package and send it straight back.
    Too bad the whole thing. - I hope you all find a solution for the problem.

  8. AngelicScars

    AngelicScars MILF of the board

    I did not purchase a Rambone, but as a consumer, THANK YOU. It's good to see you guys focusing on the quality of your product and keeping your customers happy instead of making the bottom dollar.
  9. Maxim

    Maxim New Member

    HI everyone hear is the picture of my broken Rambone I aim to send this back as fast as I can so they can check out what went wrong with it so they know how to fix this please listen to there warning and DO NOT USE YOURS.


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  10. BruceGrain

    BruceGrain New Member

    Just got a recall email and I haven't even received the slingshot yet. Broke and I never even got a chance to broke it myself . major piss off . LOL
  11. Brazilviking

    Brazilviking Thread Hijacker

    What should I say? RESPECT! You guys are serious and honored business people. I come from a country where this just does not happen!!!

  12. WildBill

    WildBill The Silly Song Guy

    I owned a small manufacturing company many years ago, and I also had an issue where I had reason to call for a recall. Thankfully, in my case, the user admitted to improper use (I'm not suggesting that that happened in this case) though I did have to re-write the installation instructions on all further shipments as a result.

    In any case, a recall is no small matter, and how it is handled by the manufacturer is an indication of integrity. In that regard, you have scored the highest marks. I suspect that this will eventually increase your distribution rather than have a detrimental affect specifically because of how quickly and thoroughly you responded.

    -Wild Bill
  13. Obl1v1Aus

    Obl1v1Aus Meh!

    I've yet to receive my rambone (damn living on the other side of the planet), its a shame that one has failed.
    But very comforting that action was taken within hours. product recalls can make or break small companies and the fact that all rambones are being recalled for inspection shows their dedication to their customers which is truly commendable.
  14. Jeremy

    Jeremy Senior member who totally rocks a pink Scout! Pink

    I'm glad both suppliers are taking this seriously and taking measures to prevent any further issues. I was planning on getting a Rambone eventually, and still plan to. I hope this issue is resolved soon.
  15. OmegaWarrior42

    OmegaWarrior42 New Member

    Kudos for making the hard (but very right) choice to do the recall.

    Hopefully it turns out to be nothing too serious, but from a materials perspective I can tell you that the problem may stem from the uniformity of the stuff itself. Think of the way good swords are made. A high-carbon steel blade will hold an edge better, but will often be brittle and snap easily. Low carbon has the opposite problem: good impact resistance, but poor shape retention. The solution is to use one inside the other, using the softer material at the core to absorb the impacts without breaking and using the harder stuff on the outside for the edge.

    If the slingshot broke from an impact, that could mean it is like the high-carbon steel blade in that it is strong against deformation (i.e. having a truck run over it) but vulnerable to breakage upon high impact (a steel ball hitting a hidden weakpoint in the fork). Wood itself has a bit of both worlds built into its structure insofar as it is a tough and fibrous but also possesses softer materials layered in the grain and concentric rings it grew in its lifetime. Try a multilayered design using two different materials, perhaps by using smaller or thinner versions of the current design's mold to produce the inner layers and using the bigger ones to form the outer ones around these cores. It may prove quite beneficial!

    On a lighter note: given the state of recall on the Rambone, will the two or three contests/drawings it is currently a prize in continue after being temporarily put on hold until the recall is fully resolved, or will they be changed to offer a different prize(s) instead? I know one is for the wooden Rambone and won't necessarily be affected, but I'm pretty sure one or two others are for the production models so... :confused:

    Anyway, hope this helps! Love what you do here and want very much for it to succeed, manufacturing hiccups aside.
  16. r33max

    r33max New Member

    wow that sucks
  17. Flipgun

    Flipgun Well-Known Member

    Thanx for the Heads Up. It always make me feel better about people when I see someone doing the right thing right away.
  18. Lefthorse

    Lefthorse Junior Member

    And what was the reason of broke ? The extension of the rubber, or dropping, hitting or high force tests ? And what temperature its happen ?
  19. AvB

    AvB New Member

    i think the almost 90 degree angle between the top plate and the "bones" could be a breakingpoint.

    The rounding of this edge by r=5mm may help.
    This change can be easily crafted into the existing mold.

  20. it is a shame that one broke.
    will i be able to order one for Christmas?
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