Questions about getting max perfomance on the Flymars A Hunting Slingshot Rifle with 12mm lead

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Do you think it could get faster with Theraband Black/Blue, (other)?

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  1. P.Konrad

    P.Konrad New Member

    Hello all,

    I have posted this on another slingshot forum but I would like to pose the question here also.

    I have a question about Joerg Sprave's band calculator and finding the optimum bands and dimension.

    The stock band's on my sling rifle are: 50mm tappered to 20mm with a 160mm active band length, 700mm draw. Factory claims 109mps (357.612 fps) 6mm steel.

    An example of Joerg Sprave's calulations states as follows:

    What is your draw length in cm? 70

    How far do you want to stretch the bands? Maximum

    How much tapering do you want? Maximum

    What is the diameter of your ammo in mm? 12

    Material please Lead

    Your ammo weighs 10.22 gramms.

    Cut the bands 15.77 cm long.

    Band width at the fork is 2.83 cm.

    Band width at the pouch is 1.13 cm.

    You need 2 bands per side. Theraband Gold.

    Do you think I could get faster with Theraband Black/Blue x3 per side like Torsten does?

    What could help me get the maximum speed possible (band wise)?
    I can't change the draw length, I will buy Kangaroo leather later.

    Band life is not a concern. I am waiting for my Chronograph.
    My rig.

    Any suggestions, answers and constructive input is very welcome. Answers I have obtained elsewhere are to stick to Joerg's calculations and tinker with the rifle. Kindest Regards PK.
  2. P.Konrad

    P.Konrad New Member

    I put one shot thru the chrony, not a comprehensive test but it was 117.5m/s (385fps) 8mm steel. Comprehensive testing to come. Looks good.

    Testing 8mm lead 500mm from the Chrony,

    1) 111.8 m/s (366.79fps)

    2)110.8 m/s (363.51fps)

    3)111.0 m/s (364.17fps)

    4)110.8 m/s (363.51fps)

    I am very please with that. Cheers PK.
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