PVC forkhits, caution graphic pic

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  1. buckshot500

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    Carnage here is not for those with weak stomachs.:D

    Went out with my son today to do some marble shooting. He got a fork hit on his second shot. Then got another fork hit on the first shot with Mom's slingy.

    I let him try my full butterfly PVC shooter and he seemed to do much better with that, so I gave it to him.

    Hit the dollar store up for some more marbles and found a 3" paintbrush.

    Made it into a pickle fork, and it works well except for a few knuckle slaps with the empty pouch.:eek: Got a broken blood vessel outta that one slap.

    BTW I like the grip tape, it is a quick way to get a grip.

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  2. 4foruglenncoco

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    The pain, oh the pain!!!!

    Eat, Sleep, Slingshots

  3. rock slinger

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    Damn. Pvc is horrible for forkhits. I have destroyed one already!
  4. WildBill

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    I'd wager that there is a grip problem. A hammer grip needs a solid grip that has the strength to 'feel' imbalance, and I bet dollars to pesos that that is what happened here. Arturo preaches, 'Release, release, release!', and he is right- but if a hammer-style slingshot is not held properly there is really no way that the release will be right no matter what. Perhaps a pinch-grip for a youngster might be better, or something with a brace- but I know the marks on that fork on the right too well and they are caused by the grip not being strong enough to hold the forks true while drawing back the bands.

    -Wild Bill
  5. buckshot500

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    I think you are saying the grip twisted in his hand, so one fork was closer to him than the other. That may be true, since the grip is round. He is also left handed so that's not helping me see anything wrong with his shooting.

    I hadn't checked him on that. I was showing him how to twist and tweak the pouch and to flip the fork as he released the pouch.
  6. buckshot500

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    Two things I'd like to mention.

    There is an interesting correlation between flatbands and wind when shooting full butterfly.
    I guess it's that the bands are so close to your ear, that you can hear the music.

    And then to get a direct hit, means that you somehow worked through the distraction and compensated for the windage adjustment without even thinking about it.

    And second, PVC works very well unless there is a fork hit. I also suspect it will not be strong below a certain temperature.
  7. Snader76

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    It's hard to look at them dead slingies.
    I'm curious if temperature had anything to do with them breaking, was it cold?
    I'm in florida and PVC works good year round for me.
    Maybe use schedule 80 PVC?