Pressure Cartriges for the 1000 joule Rifle

Discussion in 'New project ideas' started by lujobi, Sep 15, 2017.

  1. lujobi

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    How about changing the pressure chamber of the gun with a selfmade reloadable one so that you could shoot faster?
  2. Technipion

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    I know that such systems exist, at least in Germany. We call them Luftdruckenergiepartonen (or short LEP).
    But they never really proofed itself against the "normal" commercially available airguns. They really only make sense if you have like a revolver to put them in.

    In Jörg's case, the production of such LEP-systems would propably be about as expensive, as building a complete new launcher. I mean: The price of the airgun itself is propably like 80% made up just by the pressure tank and valve assembly.
    So if you want to aim for a higher cadence I would just build 5 more guns and build like a gatling airpressure machine gun. Of course, with that said, we are talking about 5 more times the money and the time to do so. Plus you would have to assemble everything together. Sounds like an expensive and time consuming project to me.

    But if there weren't these practical limitations, cartridges would be cool :cool:
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  3. JoergS

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    I do think such cartridges could be done and in fact would be interesting. But I lack the equipment and skills to make those. Keep in mind they need to be airtight at 300 bar.

    I once suggested such a concept to the Swedes from FX Airguns, and they confirmed that they could design such a product. But it isn't in line with their business concept - making very accurate match grade PCP guns, power being a much lower priority. So they won't do it.

    I am pretty much limited to use readily available parts from hydraulics, like ball valves and check valves. I can build all the things that aren't under constant pressure, but the 300 bar stuff, no Sir.
  4. SavageFox

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    I have been thinking a similar thing... but whit ''bullets'' like the ''BACS'' brocock system, that is a self contained projectile and presured air together, but instead of a hammer hiting a valve, make a mechanism that rotates and unscrew the projectile just until it liberates it from an internal retention, so the high pressure do the rest.

    I supose its a terrible idea, has these ''bullets'' could be a potential hazzard, other option is to make a revolver like cilinder whit each chamber pressurized, and a more solid retention that is only unobstructed whit the firing mechanism.
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    Wow! Good thing there's a short name. That would be a complete tongue twister.