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Precautions for sintered mesh filter element in hydraulic system

Exhaust treatment
When the stainless steel sintered mesh filter element is disassembled and cleaned each time, it must be gently reinstalled according to the steps, and then before it is used again, the main pump must be exhausted to discharge all the air inside and open the pipe. Then inject hydraulic oil, so that the whole machine can work.

Open attention
After using the stainless steel sintered mesh filter element for a period of time, it is necessary to open it for a major cleaning and maintenance, to clean the oil residue or attachments on the hydraulic oil filter element, and when opening the device, you need to pay attention to it step by step. Do not have omissions, nor use excessive force, pay attention to the protective device.

Change the hydraulic oil
Sometimes, under certain circumstances, the machine needs to use new hydraulic oil, such as changing the brand or proportion of the hydraulic oil, etc., and when the hydraulic oil is replaced, it should be noted that the entire stainless steel sintered mesh filter element must be replaced. Replacement, cleaning alone is not enough, otherwise it will be like not changing the oil at all.
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