Poor man's slingbow?

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    I was experimenting with the common keyring setup with little success, but found that by simply spreading an office rubber band across the forks I was able to achieve some pretty impressive results. I was able to shoot with pretty good accuracy, considering the fact I have very little experience with a slingshot and no experience with a bow.

    ..Unfortunately my fun came to an abrupt end when an arrow skipped across the target, up over the 6ft fence, and hit my neighbors house..:eek:
    Luckily no damage was done and no one was outside at the time, but I wonder what the neighbors will think when they find an arrow in their yard! :confused: I'll have to put an end to practicing in my back yard!:p

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  2. dolomite

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    try putting a piece of dowel through the office rubber then rotate till fairly tight and wedge the bottom of the dowel against the front of the slingshot so dowel is vertical. i've heared of guys having success with that setup though i've not tried it.

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    Hi akiflak,
    Reading your post made me think of a scene form the movies " Her Alibi"
    Luckily it didn' t happen to your neighbor. ;)