Plywood-Break No. 4 (Ergo Shark)

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  1. Antraxx

    Antraxx #7

    Hey Folks :)

    Just wanted to show you the Result of my last, so called "Plywood Break".

    Sometimes i´m really fed up with filing and sanding hard stuff.
    It also happens i have a shape in my head which i want to realize (quickly) which is impossible with Hardwood.

    Over the last days i shot Randys Ergo Bone a lot and i´m really beginning to like that Sideways shooting. It´s easier for me to aim and my results improved significantly.

    What i had really minor "problems" with is finding exactly the same grip when i made a short break (like to collect ammo and such).
    The first 1 or 2 shots were off sometimes. Plus i needed something for my Backpocket. I don´t want to scratch that ornamented Beauty in my Jeans.
    So i looked at the design and how i can do something which really "wraps around" my hand.
    I shot .22lfb Match-Pistols for some time in the past and i remember those handles which you could adjust so well to your hand you couldn´t even drop them if you tried it.

    So i designed a form which sets the fork back a bit to really make it sit on the back of my hand. While i draw it on paper it reminded me of a fish swimming, and his body curves. So i went a step further and turned the anchorpoint for my index-finger into a backfin and the end into a talfin which rests at the end of my palm.
    The Fin at the bottom is designed for my Thumb because i usually form a 90° "L" with my Thumb and Indexfinger. I also think the Fork makes a good looking Jaw :p
    Did a lot of measuring but the result really fits like a glove.

    The really cool think is, even if it doesn´t look like it it´s ambitextrous and has also two variants for hammergrip shooting.
    But it´s designed for weak bands (TherabandBlue) and precise Indoor shooting, no real need for a Hammergip.

    I will add some pics of how to grip it later if you want to.

    Since i don´t own Photoshop i obviously suck at removing the "Threads" sorry bout that.

    Have a nice day and be save.




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  2. Arturo Borquez

    Arturo Borquez Administrator

    A "hammer head" shark swimming, a sculpture in plywood, amazing !

  3. WildBill

    WildBill The Silly Song Guy

    That thing is simply bad a$$.

    -Wild Bill
  4. Bushmaster

    Bushmaster New Member

    Graceful form, excellent craftsmanship! I really NEED to see photos of you holding it.
  5. Obl1v1Aus

    Obl1v1Aus Meh!

    That is gorgeous :eek:
    I love it Antraxx, the layers of the ply really make this design pop.
    I think this would look really good with some blue stain as well but the natural wood tone is to die for.
    Wow man, just wow!
  6. VWscooby

    VWscooby Senior Member

    Wow! It looks like a feeding Basking Shark.

    The plywood really accenuates the curves, excellent work! :)
  7. kohlqez

    kohlqez Accident-Prone

    You my friend have done something pretty incredible. Most people (myself especially) design slingshots and name them after something they kinda sorta resemble from the right angle in the right light. But you, have made a shark sculpture that is also a slingshot. (Shark sculpture first, slingshot second)
    Have you made this? Or is it theoretical? MUST HAVE TEMPLATE!
    You should send a template to Joerg or TAOW or someone who can do aluminum casting, cause that would be amazing and fantastic and awesome to the 120th power!
  8. Antraxx

    Antraxx #7


    Oh c´mon, you don´t need do be Jacques Cousteau to see i obviously aimed for a Tiger-Shark here :p
    You know, stripes and stuff? Hihi Just Kidding, thank you very much.

    Thx Bill ;)

    I´ll do that asap! Thanks for your Comment.

    Oh boy, i had such a hard time thinking about that believe me.
    Before i even started i planned to stain it Black like the Tactical Plus.
    But when i draw it and all those curves appeared i was like:
    "No, i bet the natural Plywood look will bring those curves out even more".
    After i roughly shaped it i thought...hmmm..."buy blue stain?"
    And then i was like: "No, a Shark is only blue-grey on his back, and his belly is bright...Acrylic paint?"
    And after i sanded it i just said: "Screw it let me look how the grain pops out after some BLO...."...and i liked it.
    That one didn´t take that long, if i want a painted one i think i´ll just start a 2nd :)

    Thanks Guys :)
  9. thats great!
    i would really like to see some pics of how you hold it though because i am just a little confused :)
  10. Lacumo

    Lacumo Member

    Wow! That’s a knockout! I’ve been playing with a couple ideas for a heavily shaped and sculpted, hand-filling 3-D type design but your shark is developed about a hundred steps beyond the crude ideas I’ve been working on. Extraordinary design and workmanship!
  11. ruthiexxxx

    ruthiexxxx ruthiexxxx

    wow...that's ART man!
  12. Will

    Will Thread Hijacker

    This is just amazing!!
    I didn't want to ruin the surprise, I knew it was going to be incredible. So I very carefully scrolled down, reading about it...and then I looked at the pictures! This is not only a great design, it is really a piece of art.
    And it really made me want to go shark fishing too!
  13. Antraxx

    Antraxx #7


    Thanks man :)

    Sure i made it :)
    I draw an outline on paper, traced that to a 6mm Scrap piece if Plywood and woodglued other scrap pieces onto the parts where i needed more Material.
    And since these are the remains of the catchbox i made and i already got the catchbox-material out of the bin...i made this one for less than a Euro :p

    Casting this in Aluminium would be great, i agree :)

    Well, i tried to take Pictures...but i think you need to much to really get a feeling for i thought "Screw it" again and just made a small Video.
    I think moving Pictures sometimes can tell a better story.
    Added the methods in the description. As you can see i designed it for the last one. That will be the way i shoot it for way over 95% anyway.
    You can see how it really "sinks" into my hand in the last few seconds of the vid.

    Thank you so much :)

    That comming from a "Carving-Godess" like you really means a lot to me :eek:
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  14. rock slinger

    rock slinger I rarely shoot rocks!

  15. 4foruglenncoco

    4foruglenncoco Member

    I'm jealous, it's just amazing how talented you are with your works of art. And I'm guessing by the design that you're a lefty

    Eat, Sleep, Slingshots
  16. LW

    LW New Member

    First slingshot today and it is yours… Booom, Something I never expected , you surprise me again!

    Yes working with Ply can be very satisfying from time to time. I make my prototypes from Ply.
    Because I want to shoot them for a while before building it in Aluminum or Hardwood.
    What am I talking about…? Back to your wonderful creation.
    I really like to see picture of how you hold this in your hands.

    Man this thing looks really cool, I like to see this one from a natural tree fork maybe Yew…;)

    Sometimes things stand out from the crowd, and no doubt this one does!

    PS: Only a small criticism, I miss some flowers in your photos …just kidding!

  17. Antraxx

    Antraxx #7

    Thank you very much. H3ll i´d love to go Big-Game fishing one day too :)

    Thanks ;)

    Thanks 4foruglenncoco.
    I´m right handed, but i can only shoot with the Slingshot in my left hand for some unknown reason o_O
  18. onnod

    onnod Im from Holland, isnt that weird?

    wow! she's a beauty!! i love the shape you gave her :)

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  19. Can-Opener

    Can-Opener New Member

    I enjoyed the video :) I like this so much! A surprise to me it is! It is really just so COOL!! Your mind is amazing to come up with this awesome form. I am in awe! I love it. :eek::eek::eek::eek: Way to go!!!!!! Like I said I feel so good after seeing this amazing SS this morning!
  20. slingpit

    slingpit Slingshot addicted

    Wow cool shape. Did you use your 3D rasp for it? ;)
    Very impressive work.