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HEY! <img src="" alt="cheers" longdesc="28"><br><br> I'm Jayce Verity, Piecemaker. <br><br> I don't always enjoy destruction, but part of me loves to make mechanical devices and there is something about building with wood.<br><br> I'm not very content with ordinary slingshots - so when I saw the many contraptions Jorge made on youtube, I finally had to drop by and learn all I can.<br><br> I'd love to find out how we might be able to calculate lbs to draw length for different materials and other raw data.<br><br> My current project is a pump-action, accordion magazine fed "safety bow" - its powered by rubber so there's no dangerous limbs, and every crossbow arrow is tipped with a 1 inch wide steel washer and bolted on so while it is still very dangerous, it is no longer lethal. I may pad them with rubber later.<br><br> It is very dangerous to have any kinds of weapons in Virginia except strangely firearms if registered and carried openly - which nobody here does - and because I'm growing up here it helps explain why I'm so paranoid about safety and making safer weapons and ammo.<br> You very rarely see anyone who isn't law enforcement with a weapon and rarely hear about shootings.<br><br> That does not make what I do boring. I can still build rapid-fire grapeshot crossbows that fire multiple blunted arrows at the same time - with no trigger necessary.<br> Just pull, and fire!<br><br> Or imagine a compact rapid draw mechanism for a design similar to Jorge's Assassin Creed arm bow with a magazine on top - and wear one on both arms!<br><br> Jorge's work inspires me to improve, innovate and also to create my own designs.<br><br> - Piecemaker
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