"Pen-Pouch" 3D printed ammo pouch

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  1. Tremoside

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    Hi All,

    It's a fine day to me. A new job appeared on the horizon :) The task itself is not new. It seems I will teach 3D for animators.

    Yesterday I received my new set of 3D printed stuffs. I still have to modify some things, but it's working. So these things are 3D printed steel ball pouches. Diameters are 10mm and 12mm.

    14pcs of D10 balls are 66 grams loaded, 12pcs of D12 are 93 grams loaded.
    The D10 version's reinforcement ring is placed at the 10th ball. I hate to count may balls from the catchbox, so I positioned this as a mark also.

    How do you like it?

    I know these colors are a bit girlie :D, but it's fun. And these are quite visible in the backpack. The greatest thing is: you don't scare the hell out of people with these. There are other colors, but I wanted to test them in real life.

    Have a nice day!


    Seljan_PenPouch_001_D10 n D12.jpg






  2. CJC


    Do you have one in camo?

  3. flicks

    flicks ...lost in the woods....

    Amazing stuff Tremo. Definitely a next level pouch. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Will

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    Portable ammo magazine! Excellent concept and a great design! If you ever decide to sell a few of these, you will have some customers here for sure!
  5. MaddyMax

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    heheh. first thing i thought was: cool, they look like kubotans/tactical pens! :D

    somewhere on the net there is a website selling an assembly kit of a 3d-printer for an affordable prize. saw it long time ago but couldn't remember the address afterwards.

    imagination (and plastic) is the only limit, what can be done with this equipment.
  6. Slagskimmer Mike

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    Congrats on the new job prospect--hope all goes to plan.:)

    I've not seen anything like this before. I like the many refinements you have added-- the ammo looks very secure, yet easy to grab and replace.

    Great design.

    This technology is very exciting to me. No more sweeping up chips!:D
  7. xXdoomXx

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  8. LW

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    I am excited, great result!
  9. artons

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    wow genial idea!
    it's smart, cool and really useful, one of the best pouch i ever seen :D
    congrats for the new job too!
  10. Thistle

    Thistle RESIGNED

    Whoa, Trem! Those look exiting! Girly colors? Okay, who said? Laughing...

    I'm really liking that cool purple one.

    I'm so totally with Will on this one. I think you already have customers lining up. :p Seriously, those are exciting. MaddyMax is correct about the Kubotan / Tactical pen look too. I like it. I like it a lot!
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  11. slawek

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    U really should consider selling this :) i bet 99% this forum would like to have them :)
  12. Flipgun

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    Those will SELL! If I were you and could make enough I would contact an established vendor like Flippinout about selling to them or through them. You have got something there Bro.
    Is there a magnet in the end or is the ball held by friction? If it is friction then it will work for lead ammo. That would be a big point in its favor
  13. Brazilviking

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    Fantastic stuff!! How much? Where do I clik to order?
  14. slingpit

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    Cool idea, Mark. Nice to see, that your thoughts are comming more and more to the slingshot side.:D
  15. MaddyMax

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  16. Antraxx

    Antraxx #7

    Totally amazing stuff.
    But i´d like it to me more magazine, and less penlike.
    It´s also importend how fast the "tip" wears out...a really durable but flexible material would be nice.

    Over all i think this is a "must have"! Very nice and clever design!
  17. Schultz

    Schultz New Member

    I wish you, all the best in your new Job!
    And your Ammo Pouches are Amazing! :eek:
    I don´t like them, I love them :D
    But please don´t say this, my Girlfriend ;)
  18. Tremoside

    Tremoside SINdustrial designer

    Thank you so much for the kind words and those great suggestions! It's still a WIP project, so your comments are totally useful now!

    Good question about colors! Thanks! Actually colors of the printshop are very limited. These are dyed colors at the moment. I'am sorry but at the moment I can not offer a camo, or even an olive green version. I will make my detailed research on this, some of my friends here are already into this. I will update if the worked out solution is ready.

    I am happy you like it! Still have to do some refinements, but the friendly words from you and the others here are great inspirations for the late night working hours! :)

    Seen your Swirled Slingring tutorial. Just great!

    Your comment is gracious Will. At the moment I have to experimenting with these. Printing cycle is pretty slow (design - print - shipping - testing iterations), but I really hope I can make it available in the next month. Your discussion with Thistle (about marbling) at flicks' thread was an interesting one. Maybe a version of that process could be used on 3D printed stuffs too :)

    Hha! Yeah. I like those stuffs. Probably it's the loading socket (mainly, but proportions also) that looks familiar from tactical flashlights and kubotans. In function there is no relation. My aspect was to make it light, flexible and low on volume. But the result looks like those. And that just gave it a bit more action packed shaping.

    Thank you Mike! Am doing fine with the job talks.

    The technology itself is great, but experience in craft is way more important then many people think. I had serious discussions at the university about this topic. Most of the youngsters these days don't like to sanding plaster, building clay, molding resin etc. Some of my colleagues sad, they are the new computer design generation, they can do it with a PC and we just have to fire up the printer and go for it. It happened with a Mercedes-Benz automotive diploma when everybody told the student it's a great design, looks nice, so flashy. And hoops. The printed model arrived from Germany and was a disaster. So in my interpretation the greatest benefit of 3D printing is: it's flexible in a production line and it enables weird and organic forms. Ok, am sorry for this boring explanation. It was one of my main themes of my dissertation and just excites me :eek:

    Thank you mate!

    I hope I can keep you excited just as you do with your so productive slingshot making addiction! :)

    Thank you artons! You're kind with me!

    HHa! I had to say it's girlie before you check the thread and say that instead of me :D Operation "Preparation" :D. Thank you for the support! Hope I can work it out as I planned to. Still lotsa details, but it's just so gripping as a design process :)

    :) :eek:, Hope it will be good enough during the tests and can move forward with this. I started this project with experimenting purposes in my head, but if it's going further it could be a nice momentum for me.

    Flipgun, you made my day with this comment! :) However this pouch is designed for this direct manufacturing process only at the moment. There are critical underturns and extreme small details. As it is right now it's not easily suitable for mass production with traditional equipments. Tooling would be a bit high for this as I think. Beside that I can redesign this one with some optimizations for the purpose.

    On the other side I have an other project too and I think that's way more produce-able with the traditional casting method so I'm focusing on that right now.

    About lead and magnet

    There is no magnet in this pouch so lead is working fine. It's not exactly uses friction (just partial forces are coming that), most of the force is coming from flexibility and lockup effect of formation.

    May I have a question? can you please help me with measuring an average +- size for a set of 12mm lead balls? This stuff has tight dimension inside. I can correct it to accept lead balls in a range of dimension. Thank you in advance!

    Hi Raul, :) You have to wait, but hope I can refine the design. I don't know how much it worth, production costs are relatively high, and shipping comes on it so even if it's ready as a product price is a big question. I just don't have sense for this. So creating an international price I just don't know :eek:.

    Hi Peter, yep Sir! I'm on it :). I have to say a big thank to you! Your interest in 3D and your friendly attitude helped me to start posting my stuffs here!

    You and MaddyMax shared that link and mentioned that assembly. Few years ago I had the idea to buy a printer for myself, but I calculated a lot and asked some programmer, engineer and printhead guys about it. Most of these affordable printers are not accurate enough for my work. I'm using some pretty small dimensions. For example radius with 0,2mm if needed. Also like to creating jewelry and experimenting with almost impossible things. My toolring is designed with 0,6mm wall thickness (the original restriction was 3mm!) but it works. Now I built up a workflow for SLS printing and that's suitable for me. Ok, I don't want to talk too much about printer problems, I just hope affordable and way better printers will be available in the next two years.

    Your comment is excellent! Just pointed out some important questions! Thanks!

    I started the design as a much more usual magazine like shape. I liked it, but ergonomy questions, volume- and print costs made me to change my mind. So I switched back to a more controllable project. Still have the original idea, but need some time and maybe more feedback if this penpouch is ready and tested.

    The other thing to switch to pen is it's origin and cultural addition to my nationality. Biro, Laszlo Jozsef the inventor who developed the ink system was a Hungarian journalist, who emigrated from Hungary. Some of the countries the ballpoint pen is still called "biro".

    About durability. This material is pretty strong. I use a previous print design as a brake lever extension for a hydraulic brake on my unicycle. I hit it, pull it, tryin' to destroy, but it's used more than two years and still working fine.


    Thank You my friend! I will not tell it to anyone... :rolleyes::D. I'm sorry I haven't answered your exciting comment on the acacia thread... Thank you for the tolerance. This print shipment and the new job just kicked up my schedule. Still have to send CV and finish some deadline stuffs.

    THANK YOU ALL, now time to take a walk outside for me.

  19. MaddyMax

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    wow, how much creativity, talent and knowledge fits into one and the same person. :eek:

    i didn't even understand the 12 mm lead question. :(
  20. MaddyMax

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    [​IMG] found the site:


    i didn't read me through all the technical details and shipping costs yet.