P.O.A. & P.O.I. Consistency Among Various Ammo Weighs

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    Hi All,

    I have a pretty serious question; which I am certain either some very bright forum member, or very serious experimentalist, most likely has the answer for.

    I am finding for my various slingshots, and currently various band set ups, (I am in the next 2 weeks or so going to consistent bands and draw lengths made by myself, for all): that despite a variety of ammo weights from 1 gram to 20 gram, and a few in between.
    That the point of aim (P.O.A.) and point of impact (P.O.I.), is remarkably to me, the same across the board.

    Now I speculate this has alot to do with the various F.P.S. achievable for the different ammo. weights; at least out to my practice distances of 15 meters.
    After which I would expect the heavier ammo to drop more, and loose more F.P.S., that the lighter ammo. due simply to the gravity effect.

    And realistically anything beyond about 20 meters for hunting (with most done in the 8 to 12 meters ranges); any normal set up would loose too much speed to make the ft/lbs anything more than possibly a serious injury, to anything larger than a bird.

    Therefore, what are others experiences/thoughts about this topic ?
    Or does anyone have a validated study on ballistic curves for various ammo weight, using the same band set ups ?

    Cheers Aussie Allan In Thailand

    P.S. add a t to the title, dam my typos
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    Thanks alot, very informative.

    Cheers Allan
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    great article with nice graphs. Thanks!
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    Might be true, but it depends - try to use a ping pong ball and try to throw it 30 m away. It will probably fall nearby. Try that with some 20g ball you use.
    That's why I think it's not so easy as it might seem. Wind resistance has siginificant impact on the ammo speed.

    Also look at http://nicos-resorterablog.blogspot.cz/2013/02/slingshot-projectile-velocity.html I read it some time ago and if I remember correctly he states that the speed doesn't need to be too high.
    The rest of his blog is worth reading as well.
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    Great link, thanks.
    Not all is as it may logically seem; and myself I'd rather have overkill ft/lbs, than merely injure an animal.
    As even a not quite a clean kill, it leaves them for easy, quick despatch, via the back of a machete blade, or a hammer.