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Ozzy from Kent - just registered

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Hi!<br><br>I'm Ozzy from Kent<br><br>A few weeks back I found my old black widow whilst clearing out some stuff, I started plinking marbles in the back yard, then went onto YouTube to get some shooting tips and found Jorg's clips - BRILLIANT! well done mate!<br><br>I've just ordered a new catapult, a 'chalice' style from Highland Catapults/UK, very reasonable, £13 including posting, double therabands etc. I also ordered some 12mm lead shot, can't wait to practice with a 'real' catty! the black widow seems a little toy-like now...<br><br>I also shoot air weapons, bows and crossbows<br><br><img src="" alt="Shocked" longdesc="5">
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Cheers! already enjoying!
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