One-shot witch immolation

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    Hello everyone!

    I was watching some of the older videos and stumbled upon the glorious witch hunting device shown here:


    It was of course very impressive, but there is always room for improvement. I think the design needs to be adjusted to a one shot mechanism.

    Upon watching the RPG video, I think I might have stumbled onto a way to make it possible.


    If the Coke bottle were to be filled with a decent amount of gasoline or other flammable liquid in addition to enough compressed air to get a good spray, and some form of spark creation in the tip of the bolt, it could be possible to replicate all three stages of the witch burner with one trigger pull.

    Does this sound feasible? It's been a long time since 2013, we need some improved witch hunting hardware.
  2. Alt-bringer

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    i would think if you can manage a good fuel/air ratio
    you could install and power a "glowplug" or such

    as far as immolation, youd be better served with a lamp oil or other fuel where the substance burns
    and not just the fumes, but thats much harder to ignite remotely
    cause then your talking igniteing an aresol,(more likely a "splash") instead of fumes
    so youd definately need an open flame

    placement of ignition device either way should be closer to the bottle to increase success

    i dont think youd ever attain success using something like a spring loaded "fire steel"
    simply cause time in which a spark is present is extremely short and not likely to spark during optimum fuel/air ratio

    just for saftey reasons i would not recommend anything of the such
    just cause how unpredictable the expelsion of fuel can be

    i had some idiots for friends back in the day
    they took a small pill bottle (~ 2.5in x3/4) filled it 100% full of gas
    and placed it in a split-barrel style "fire pit"
    it took 10-20 mins but finally ruptured spitting a 15 foot stream of fire
    ingiting several spots of ground
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  3. Alt-bringer

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    personally, i feel the original design is good for its intended use

    mods id concider,
    wider flat nozzel
    "airator" (like in spray bottle, for finer mist)

    leave a gap tween the end of barrel and the nozzle, attatch nozzle via hose, mount nozzle on a pivot
    connect a twisting foregrip to the pivot
    then you canangle the nozzle for folowing the target, or strategically pointing the gun miss-aligned to the target
    or sweeping a cornershot

    make it a smaller repeater for easier hunting of multipul moving targets

    just theorycrafting with ya though, again, fire is dangerous enough, and there isnt really any
    "safe" way to play around with fire weapons, in a practical manner
    (needing a fire-brigade on standby, puts you under alot of scrutiny)