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    Hi Folks,

    It's been a million years since I picked up a slingshot. I just recently bought a Barnett Striker 9 as a "get back into shooting" slingshot. I've already swapped out the bands for a "red" set which are much more powerful but I was wondering if anyone had some advice as to improving the bands and what size ammo I should be shooting out of it because the hand slap is brutal. I'm holding it in a pinch like grip and not by the handle alone so any advice would be helpful. Thank you in advance.
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    Welcome to the forum the "elders" know better then a kid :p pm us if need be


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    Welcome Patches!

    Tubes will last longer, but yeah--flats are maybe more popular.
    Under weight ammo is usually the main culprit for whicked handslaps.
    Search for "turn and tweak" on this site--specifically a vid by Arturo. This pouch holding/release technique can sometimes help, too.
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    Welcome to the forum JP. I've got a Marksman that uses tubes, similar in style to yours. Handslaps haven't been a problem, but I am using slightly weaker tubes. I agree with Mike, your ammo may be too small for the band strength. I learned a painful lesson on matching the proper ammo to the proper bands when I had a nasty hand strike a number of weeks back.

    My suggestion? Enjoy the Barnett, but find a natural fork, shape it up and put on some flat bands. Lots and lots of examples of that here on the forum. I'm a flat band convert myself. I'm having a hard time shooting anything with tubes, though I still drag my Marksman out from time to time. I see on the link that Otees left that it shows a guy converting his Barnett to use flat bands, might be worth a try. There is something very satisfying about making one yourself.

    Oh, and if hand slaps continue to be a problem, try wearing a glove - like a mechanic's glove or even a rider's (motorcycle) glove. It'll take some of the sting out of it.
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    Thank you for the feedback and thank you for the warm welcome. I've been shooting 3/8 (9.5mm), standard marbles, and what I suspect is 8 or 7 mm which is way to light. I've actually been in communication with Gamekeeper John inquiring into getting one of his slingshots, but like I said I'm just getting back into shooting and I didn't want to put the money out if I didn't start enjoying it. The swelling has gone down a bit but what would have been funny is to post a pic of my left index finger and guys would have laughed at the "newb" :). It didn't help that I put a round just above the first knuckle on my index finger either ;).

    I know I'm a long way off...but is there a chart or general rule of thumb regarding ft.lbs for small game. My intention is to "one day" hunt either rabbit or grouse with my slingshot (the future upgraded one) and I want to make sure I'm achieving the efficiency.

    Thank you again for your input and advice.
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    Welcome to SSC!
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    Hey Patches,

    welcome aboard! Concerning your bands feel free to search the forum
    for Kiitos comments. He wrote a band calculating software, "Hotball".
    If you contact him he most likely will enjoy to help you out!

    Concerning the hunting-issue I suggest to think at least 17 times before
    posting Terror-to-the-creature-stuff here! ;) People on this forum are
    mainly tolerant, but not concerning killing.- When it comesto that, they are
    at least onestep ahead: COOKING!

    You don´t believe it?- give it a try! In the end they will controll
    your mind;- converting you into a paralysed, keyboard-drooling troll,
    with only one thing left on your mind: COOKING an EATING.
    (You could call this a cure from hunting!)

    But that´s complicated stuff.-

    Just welcome aboard!

    Greetings to BC,

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    LOL....thank you for the heads up Be. I'll keep it in mind for future posts. My approach will be when I'm "shooting" at game I'm referring to my camera and not my slingshot ;). And when I say "What size lens should I use" I won't be talking about ammo but merely camera lenses. You see it's all cleared up now.
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    Hi JP, and welcome!

    Handslaps - a lighter and softer pouch combined with proper rubber strength /ammo weight choice can drastically reduce pain :). A smaller pouch not just lighter but lowers the airdrag. That leads to faster shots and less "flagging" appearing. If it's faster the fly curve of the projectile is closer to a line. You may be more accurate.

    Flats on a wireframe - [ame][/ame]

    Hunting - I'm not a hunter, but actually half part of the family are hunters. So a full moon is always welcome :D. BTW Be was right about avoiding posting graphically offensive killshots here. A fast shot with a heavy projectile is needed for small game. Some people say over 200 fps and 12mm steel ball is a sure shot if hits well. There's a free Android App called Chrono Connect to simply measure speed. Or you can record audio and check it in a software. Simply read the timeline code.

    Others using sharper projectiles like threaded shafts cut up to chunks. Or even hexnuts. Lead is great, but there's the pollution. You can also try to shoot paintballs to make quick targets in the forest and practicing. Upwards, downwards shooting various distances and instinctive shooting style.

    Am sure you will try different tubes and bands. It's fun. Don't forget the specialties of latex. A heavy pull isn't a proof of a fast shot :). You will find more info in some of the books. Middleton's book is fine to deepen knowledge in slingshots physics.

    So, have fun :)

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    Outstanding information Tremoside! Truly appreciated! Ya I'm not one for posting pics of dispatched game but the knowledge is invaluable. Thanks again.

    BeMahoney...Kiitos sent me the info and thank you again for your insight and direction.
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    Update! I've minimized hand slap by shooting over the forks AND I've just ordered a Hathcock Target Sniper which should be on my door step in 14 days :). Thank you all for your support and help!