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New SlingShooter from Holland!

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Hello guys, Im a slingshooter from holland.<br><br>Since i was a little boy i made slingshots with my granddad.<br><br>The hobby continued and about one year ago I bought myself the slingshot on my avatar.<br><br>I live in the same village as SlingShotStefan and we often shoot together.<br><br>That was it. In the future im going to make some more Natural Slingshots.<br><br>Rindert
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@onnod<br><br>Haha for sure! have you got any friends you shoot with down in Amersfoort?
@onnod<br><br>okay, i dont know how to say this in english but: Hoe ken je hem?
im sorry i want to delete this message but i dont know how.<br><br><img src="" alt="pirat" longdesc="23">
@failure<br><br>Well, i think going with someone on a hunting trip and then shoot a moose would be awesome! Sadly here in holland you can only hunt goose, ducks and rabbits. <br>My friend Rindert has also got a crossbow it is a 150 lbs and we already shoot about 10 starlings. in swedish is that a stare. Crossbows are a lot of fun! and i also like your pistol crossbows <img src="" alt="I love you" longdesc="22"> . <br><br>Kind Regards,<br><br>Stefan
@ onnod<br><br>is it ?<br><br>Thats pretty damn awesome!
@failure<br><br>is it? are airsoft guns legal in your country? in my country they are only legal with a permit. almost everything that is fun is illegal in our country. Even slingshots <img src="" alt="Shocked" longdesc="5"><br><br>Stefan
@Failure<br><br>That must have been a really, really wise man.<br><br>Well now i know that The Netherlands aren't the craziest country as far as weapon laws. <img src="" alt="Razz" longdesc="9"> I also have got a airrifle, the Gamo Shadow RSV.<br><br>What are tivoli people? <br><br>The farmer laws are ridiculous! otherwise i understand it because a farmer can hide a lot of weapons and there is more hunting space at a farm.<br><br>Stefan
@failure<br><br>no, when im older, im going to move to south africa, since my mother is from there or to america because of the weapon laws there.<img src="" alt="Very Happy" longdesc="1"><br><br><br><br>Stefan
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