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    Hello all.<br><br>Been lurking about the site for a couple of hours now trying to get some info. Thought it best to say G'day.<br><br>Planning to make a couple of slingshots from some 21mm ply I have spare tomorrow and see how they go.<br><br>Got a couple of questions about construction if anyone would like to indulge me here or point me to the appropriate place to find answers.<br><br>I have a couple of different bits of exercise rubber tube here I'd like to use for starters. Most of the plans and instructions seem geared for bands though. I'm wondering about the best methods of attaching the rubber tube both to the ply frame and the leather pouch?<br><br>Also I hope to make my 7yo daughter something safer to play with. I'm planning on using some elastic (like clothing elastic) to make bands that wont pack much punch. Just wondering if there are any good tips for making a kid size frame? I'm thinking I'll modify a larger design.<br><br>I hope to make my own frame pattern using some downloaded plans for size reference for both my larger ones and my daughters smaller one. Any tips would be much appreciated.<br><br>Also if any other Aussies catch this and have tips on products and supplies available here I'm all ears.<br><br>Thanks all, nice forum and it seems like a lot of good people posting.
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    Welcome <img src="" alt="Smile" longdesc="2"> I also have relatives in Australia <img src="" alt="Smile" longdesc="2">

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