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Discussion in 'About the Forum' started by Thomas Kole, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. Thomas Kole

    Thomas Kole New Member

    Thanks to Ivo, we now have a sidebar!<br>Thanks for letting me know about this feature!<br>Now we have links to the website and blog on the left!<br>
  2. Ryan Wigglesworth

    Ryan Wigglesworth Senior Member

    I like this. Maybe we can add a like button to threads?

  3. Tobias

    Tobias New Member

    the sidebar is usefull! i like it!
  4. Ivo

    Ivo New Member

    Side bar is a great tool, ey? <img src="" alt="Smile" longdesc="2"><br><br>It would also be good to make it a little longer to capture more topics. Since the forum has become quite active and topics get updated frequently they tend to push the more technical ones that get a little less attention to the bottom of the list and off the bar altogether - making one search them out with every visit and limiting other members from viewing that topic and possibly contributing.<br><br><table width="90%" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="0" border="0" align="center">
    <tr><td><span class="genmed"><b>Quote:</b></span></td></tr>
    <tr><td class="quote">I like this. Maybe we can add a like button to threads?</td></tr>
    <span class="postbody"><br><br>If you're talking about a Facebook Like button...<br><br>I wanted to do this on my forum, but as it turns's not possible. However ,there is such thing as "Reputation System". It's pretty cool, every time someone clicks "<strong>+</strong>", the poster's reputation point counter goes up a point and as time goes by, you can really see the quality of that members participation and his true rank amongst the forumers.<br><br>To activate: <strong>Administration Panel</strong>> <strong>Modules</strong>> <strong>Points and Reputation</strong>> <strong>Reputation</strong>> <br><br><ul>
    <strong>Activate reputation system</strong> = <strong>Yes</strong><br>
    </ul>Once done a Rep +/- bar will appear in the post. <br> - Pressing + adds 1 point to member's Reputaion counter located under his avatar.<br> - Pressing - takes away 1 point. (Used for posts containing spam, inappropriate comments, etc.) Once the rep counter goes into negatives, the member can no longer give or take rep, the privilege is returned once the member brings up his reputation back to neutral or positive level. <br><br><ul>
    <strong>Activate "Thanks" button</strong> = <strong>Yes</strong><br>
    <br>Thanks button is another great feature. When someone has a question or a problem and some member gives him advise that solves it, he can thank that member by pressing that button. This feature can be used only once per topic and only by the topic starter, it grants the receiving member +3 Rep points.<br><br>Another thing I noticed is that the "Solved" button isn't active yet. It's a nice little featur, though not very popular, it allows a member to go into his first message and mark the topic <strong>[Solved]</strong> when he got the answer for his question (or any other issue that has been resolved) by simply clicking the Solved button in the "edit post" window.<br><br>To Activate: <strong>Administration Panel</strong>> <strong>General</strong>> <strong>Messages & e-mails</strong>> <strong>Configuration</strong>> <strong>Display button [Solved]</strong> = <strong>Yes</strong> ...<i>it's at the very bottom of the list.</i><br><br>These are just a few quick suggestions form the good ol' <font color="blue"><strong>Ivo</strong></font>. <img src="" alt="pirat" longdesc="23"><br><br>Good Day Gents.<img src="" alt="Smile" longdesc="2"></span>
  5. Slingshots4Australia

    Slingshots4Australia New Member

    Is it possible to get the side bar that shows the most recent posts extended to list say, all threads posted in within the last 24 hours?<br><br>its a good feature, but i feel like, once a thread has dropped out of the bar, because of high postings else where, i feel like people that long on later in the day for example might miss or be unable to see all the newest threads easily<br><br>I know you can go into the forum categories and see all new posts but there are quite a few catagories!