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New line of "W" slingshots/slingbows

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I'm home-making these. I've also invented a new method to easily turn a slingshot into a slingbow.
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good luck with that. I see around $5 to $10 in parts depending on the model and maybe 2 hrs work if that...seems you're paying yourself around $45 per hour. I doubt the top pros make much more than that for beautiful art. Not trying to be rude but you may want to introduce yourself and check out what the members are capable of before trying to overcharge for something many of us have knocked out in a half hour.
Aye, Dolo. Joerg even did a tutorial on how to make the same design (I posted a link on his other thread). All you really need is a hacksaw and a drill to build it..-Wild Bill

The cost is much higher and it takes much more than a "hacksaw and a drill". Go to the hardware store and online and try making any of my slingshots with $5 and half an hour time and only a hacksaw and a drill. Make a 30 minute youtube video where you show us the receipts of your purchases and where you record yourself making it.

I know you'll never do it, cause you can't.

Don't tear others down to make yourself feel good, especially in the slingshot community. There's better ways to spend your time. I welcome criticisms, but not hatred.
I once read a line from a famous poet, ''Thou doth protest too much.''
My point is you got up in arms over the opinion of a stranger, leading me to believe you know where I'm coming from. I tore no one down, I told you the truth. You have no bearing on how I view myself, and no hate was given, I know you not well enough to hate.
No, protest, just a factual refutation. As for hatred, it's like a stink; some people get so used to their own, they don't even know they carry it.

I like the "W" you are making! It needs some enhancements, like aluminum tubes around the eyebolt shafts, if only for the looks. A bit spindly otherwise.

The arrow rest, I am a bit sceptical. The wingnut might damage the fletching after a few shots. I prefer whisker biscuits for that reason. But then again maybe I am wrong here!

Anyway, welcome to the forum, and good luck with your business!
Thanks for the kind words Joerg.
haha what? They're extremely cheap. Show me any slingshot for under $80 made out of steel and aircraft grade aluminum with an arrow rest extension; a "w" that happens to also be stronger than "y" slingshots on the market.
You obviously don't know what you're talking about.
Look at the split hare
$120 plus tax without even an arrow rest attachment.
$130 plus tax with no arrow rest extension
Rail Spike
$250 without an arrow rest attachment
Yes, but they are finished well.
thanks man, I do put quite a bit of work into them
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