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New line of "W" slingshots/slingbows

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I'm home-making these. I've also invented a new method to easily turn a slingshot into a slingbow.
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I know you'll never do it, cause you can't.
Yes, but they are finished well.
Not what I meant but ok
The design looks efficient and practical. I have the ability to build one (especially with JS's tutorial) but, by the time I drive around to collect the material (fuel cost) and build it I would have at least that amount of money invested. So, I decided to purchase a W and if it does what I want, I will innovate a clone later.
If I were you I would put a wanted ad on here for one. I am sure one of the members could make you one that is cheaper but more importantly, safer. Esecially if are just getting one to test.

Just my tuppence worth.
1 - 4 of 43 Posts
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