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    Hi guys, I have not been here for a while, but I was a little busy with the new design of my latest creation.
    This slingshot is made by mulberry tree. Lightweight, ergonomic and handle is shaped so that it allows grip most tightly to the fork. Not tired arm after prolonged use.
    Slope of the fork is selected so there will be no unnecessary friction on the bands to maximize its entire length. Done so because with a flat surface as with standard fork where there is no such slope is obtained high friction and energy loss, respectively. Especially if you use tappered bands. This leads to overloading of the rubber, which shortens the life of the bands. Depending on the width and length of the slope, which define the friction surface, certain mm from the band does not work effectively. This is why the friction with the surface of the fork, which in turn leads to overloading of the bands - leads to a loss of energy, and shortens the life of thebands.
    The top layer of the handle (grip) is made with special tool by hand which is used for stock and handles of high quality sporting rifles.
    Hand painted with shellac on 20 layers.
    Dimensions are shown on the picture.
    As you can see on this picture there are two small grooves in the bottom of the fork. This is done in order to avoid stress concentrators which results if both arms were combined in a sharp edge. If there is such a concentrator of tension in combination with heavy bands - this can cause an overload of the structure and rupture. That is why I made ​​those grooves on this particular place.
    On this picture you can see that the handle does not stand at right angles to the fork. If the angle is absent and the handle is straight to the axis of the fork this inevitably leads to diversion of right fork ahead over the left. This is due to the anatomical features of the body. When the handle is made under a certain angle this phenomenon is avoided and loading of the bands is equally distributed.

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    Very nice! How did u make the handle look like that? (If it stands in the text ignore the quastion... i might overread this)
    The top view reminds me on the wings of a plane! i like that!
    Looks very modern!

  3. Great work,
    Nice and great Slingshot!
    Nice plan of the Slingshot!

  4. onnod

    onnod Im from Holland, isnt that weird?

    very nice!!

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    Yes, you ca find it in the text, however I use a tool and hammer to give this look :)
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    Wow most incredible slingshot I have seen in a long time!! Beatiful wood and Grip! Amazing!
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    Great Work, the Handle looks really nice :)