New catch box, not a "box" actually.

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  1. JoeChen

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    I used a cardboard box as catch box in house for weeks (the one shown in first picture).
    My lovely wife asked me yesterday said: why don't you make a better target?
    So I spent about 2 hours to finish this new one today, could not called it "catch box" but it works.

    The basic idea was coming from one youtube video I forgot the link because I saw it few months ago.

    The material was cut from plywood because I have one measured 240x120cm and I cut it into 60x30cm pieces already.
    The new "target" is 45cm width, 60cm height.
    A heavy black towel is used as blocking background,
    a cloth foot-pad to catch falling steel balls.
    Both are "clip on" so it's very easy to replace if necessary.

    The new target is "foldable", so it's good to use in house because I can "fold it" and put it away without take off the towel and foot-pad.

    Here have three pictures I took, by the way, happy new year! :)

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  2. Slagskimmer Mike

    Slagskimmer Mike thinks TBG smells better than roses

    An understanding spouse is a gem beyond price;) :D
    Looks like it will work good. Nice work.

  3. JoeChen

    JoeChen Junior Member

    WOW I love this sentence, can not agree with you more. :D
  4. AngelicScars

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    I'm not brave enough to shoot in the house (a.k.a not good enough). Also, I'd be afraid of ricochets with the wood (once again, not good enough).
    I've noticed a lot of you guys shoot in the house, what ammo do you use?
  5. JoeChen

    JoeChen Junior Member

    The place I shot is a long hall, when doors (three actually) are closed, it's a safe place, no glasses, no anything I can break except wood doors. :D

    I'm using 3/8" steel balls. Sometimes I'll play with BB too.
  6. WildBill

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    Why does the slingshot hobby attract so many darn engineers? It gives us mundane folk a bit of a complex- or perhaps I should say a simple, since it takes an Engineer to generate a complex.

    Anywho, it's a good design for your shooters, your children's shooters and whatever shooters you intend to create with that engineering brain you've got.

    -Wild Bill