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Hi, everyone.

I was lucky to get my hands on the new Axiom Ocularis from Simpleshot.
(Thanks Jan!)
I chose the odd green model and i do not regret my choice :).

This is not supposed to be a review, but for my taste, the grooves in the handle needed some change. They were supposed to be filled with paracord, but since i use epoxy resin on a regular basis, i gave that a try. :D

I used black epoxy resin to fill the gaps all around the frame, and sanded it all back to a matte finish.
I did not give it the full attention for the finish, so there are some imperfetions remaining.
Nothing fancy, but custom:cool:
on a side note: after sanding ( like in the pictures above) the surface remained slightly whitish, the i rubbed with the fingernail over these white spots and the odd green base color came back... :D:cool:

Here are the pictures.
if you have customized your axiom aswell, feel free to post your pictures in this thread :)

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Now it looks a lot more like the real one that was copied. Nathan's original slingshot which was used to model this one is solid in the manner you have created.
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