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    This is my first post so I apologize in advance for breaking any unwritten rules or bringing up a topic that is controversial...

    Anyway, in my preparation for the possible apocalypse, I thought a slingshot may be an inexpensive but good backup plan for hunting small animals as well as some semblance of defense. Here are my needs:

    - something fairly inexpensive that holds up well--can I get something good at Harbor Freight/Walmart or is there something better out there for a comparable price?
    - something that takes a common item like surgical tubing (or something better) for the bands--I thought of buying a roll of spare surgical tubing but don't know if this is a good material; in either case, need a good source to buy from
    - something fairly simple--not TOO many moving parts and easy to repair; after all, this is for the apocalypse :eek:
    - something that takes all kinds of ballistic ammo, from ball bearings (need size) to hex nuts (need size) to rocks

    I appreciate any advice you can pass along. Thanx! :D
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    I've got a couple of wrist-rocket type slingshots for under $20. I know Walmart carries them. In fact I saw a 'zombie' model for about $15 at Wally world not too long ago. I have 2 Marksman models that use surgical tubing. I imagine they're not highly regarded by the folks that are big time into slingshots. I don't know that the tubing that comes with them is really strong enough for hunting. I had recently purchased a whisker biscuit to convert one into a sling bow and I got some heavier duty tubing, they type they use for spear fishing, which increased the power. Overall, it's not a bad place to start - light weight, folds closed and it's fairly easy to change the bands. I've shot small 1/4" (6mm) steel shot up to over 1/2" (12mm) glass marbles and they all seem to work. I've also tried some steel nuts and small rocks as well. Not bad for a starter, though looking at the nice work done by the folks here, you can certainly do better. I'm planning to start on my first home-made version myself very soon, which can be done virtually for free if you have the wood available.

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    Joerg has a design that has a nice striking point at the end of the handle (Moorhammer? Hand Howitzer?), it was the first video of his I watched. More than a few of the folks here have built anti-zombie slingshots with sturdy, DIY frames and nasty butt spikes on the handles. Brazil Viking and Schultz come to mind, but I think there have been others.

    Most commercial bandsets do pretty well with 1/2" steel or lead. M10 seems to be the popular hex nut size, mostly because Joerg uses it. you'll need 3/4"+ pebbles or light bands for rocks. If you want a mass market model, look at the Trumark FS-1, the Saunders Hawk, or the Saunders Falcon II. Daisy's tubes are stiff, Barnett's are meh, Marksman's are smooth but a tad underpowered. Saunders' flats are great, but a lot of people don't like the pouches. Trumark tubes are great, high impact, smooth pull. If you're going to order online, I can 100% recommend any of Bill Hayes' Pocket Predator line. I have the G10 and economy polymer options and they are sweet forks. The economy polymer model is just $25 and come with bands attached and some 3/8" ball bearings. A lot of folks really like the Scout or Axiom from flippinout/simpleshot, too. Polymers and laminates make harder wearing forks, important for SHTF.

    If you want to go full SHTF, a tree fork natural banded with chained rubber bands is as hard core "living off the ruins of civilization" as you can get.
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    A slingshot with heavy bands shooting big lead can be much more than a 'semblance of defence'. Just practice til you can be sure of a headshot on that 'zombie'. And as a slingbow they are a very serious weapon indeed !
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    Welcome to the Forum.
    This topic fits really good to the Newspaper yesterday. They tell that it get Hotter.
    We have at the Moment heat waves on 5 % from the Earth and up to 2100, 85 % from the earth should get heat waves...

    I think it´s difficult when you want to shoot all your Ammo with one Band.
    I´am not very experienced with different Bands. I shoot mostly Arrows or Rubberballs. And I know only Trumark red and Black tubes, and Theraband Gold and Black.
    But as far as I know, you need only very strong Bands for heavy Ammo.
    Of course all your Ammo fly also with the same Band, but for the full Power that you can get, you have to calculate the Sizes from your Band. For Thera Band Gold you can use, Jörg his Calculator.

    When you want to buy one, I recommend you the Syrvival System. A Blade where you can attached a Slingshot Fork. -->

    But I prefer something Bigger, and when you want to build your own, work the Hammershot Takedown design from Bill Hays very nice as Knive or Sword handle.
    I have use this on my First Slingsword, and I´am very satisfied.

    Or maybe something like my Warhammer, so you have a Hammer, pickaxe, spate, Axe, Saw, Halfsword and Slingshot and it weight only 4 kg ;)

    Feel free to ask when you need some Help.
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    I'll take the Schultz brand warhammer any day! At that point I would be fearless!
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    Don't worry about a topic being tabu here.

    The only thing not tolerated here is rudeness--the fact that you were concerned about it means you have nothing to worry about.:)

    Check out Joerg's folding survival sling crossbow--i think there's even plans. Easily strong enough to humanely harvest small game, yet easier to aim than traditional slingshots.

    Welcome to the forum.