National Slingshot Association (NSA)

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  1. studer1972

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    I've been curious about them too. The new NSA doesn't seem to get much respect on the Big 3 slingshot forums. I emailed their local contact for Minnesota and never got a response, I don't know if they're for real or not.

  2. JoergS

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    I don't like associations in general. Slingshots have the great advantage that the sport is completely unregulated. You just take your fork and shoot. It's THAT easy.

    Associations means rules, beaurocrats, fees, complaints, disputes, the whole smelly set of affairs.

    I'd love to keep slingshots as an underground sport. If you want associations, no shortage amongst gun and archery clubs.
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    I have been in contact with Chief AJ recently and he is a very crude businessman, even at the age of 75. As Joerg says slingshots are such a simple thing and it's so easy to just go out and shoot. If you want to meet other people and shoot you can do casually without having to join any association.
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    hey joerg, (if i may call you that)
    are slingshots illegal in the netherlands?
    i live here and made really much slingshots, and shoot with them in my garden
    your my hero,
    all the best,

  5. In Netherland Slingshots are forbidden!

    If you are got in the public with a Slingshot the punishment is not without!

  6. Eine Steinschleuder ist in den Niederlanden verboten. Der Besitz eines Katapults allein ist schon strafbar (Artikel 13. Abs. 1 des WWM, Pönalisierung: Artikel 55 Abs. 1 des WWM, Teile von Katapulten: Artikel 3. Abs. 1 des WWM). Katapulte sind verbotene Waffen. Sie fallen unter das niederländische Waffengesetz (Wet Wapens en Munitie, WWM) in die so genannte Waffenkategorie 1. Die Höchststrafe für die Verübung dieser Straftat ist die Gefängnisstrafe. Wer noch mit einem Steinschleuder am Wasser erwischt wird, braucht sicherlich nicht mit der Höchststrafe rechnen, aber er muss mit einer Geldstrafe von einigen Hundert Euro rechnen."
  7. onnod

    onnod Im from Holland, isnt that weird?

    slingshots are illegal UNLESS you can show that it is needed for your job, fireman may use them to fire something (i don't know what) but it isn't easy to get that permit, sadly :(
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    Associations and clubs are useful for buying things in bulk, helping people connect with fellow enthusiasts in their area, and organizing responses to unreasonable laws. The US wouldn't have its comparatively lax gun laws if it weren't for organizations like the NRA. They also tend to have neat patches for a guy's jean jacket. :)